Do you think anker should make virtual reality?

do you think anker should make virtual reality? Why or why not. What features would you like to see in it? How high do you think it should be priced? And lastly, do you want to have to use a cell phone or do you want it to be self contained?


How do you think?:grin:

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Nice idea, It should definitely have a built in long lasting battery, and they should team up with vr company’s like HTC, Sony, Oculus or StarVR, and it should charge your phone while in use.

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will it change us from this:

to this:




Would be interesting but has it come that far yet, home VR? The last one I tried around a year ago that used your phone as the screen was in a word, pants. It was just like looking at two different screens with each eye and no amount of adjusting or squinting could make the separate images amalgamate into an immersive environment.

Yet giving Anker’s ability at innovation, I would be interested to see what they could bring to the field :relaxed:


why with another company?

It would come out much better with a company who has experience in making them.

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i think they should make a self contained one (no phone) with extra battery, and sensors to your surroundings. I do think that if anker makes one and it comes out good, it could be a bestseller on the market

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