Do you think Anker helps with World Peace?

So we’re all united in a common love of our phones being charged.

So does Anker lead to world peace?

I’m not sure if it bring world peace. World peace is incredibly hard to achieve, as everybody has to have a common drive or common love as you said, but I feel like the community is not big enough to consider it as world peace. Maybe it can make us more peaceful people knowing that we have a welcoming community, but I’m not sure if we could say it leads to world peace. What are your thoughts on this question?

There isn’t a Democrat vs Republican battery pack right?

We have more that unite us than divide us?

Lol! If you think about it that way, I guess.

Nope. There will always be people who fall for Aukey or RavPower, and they’ll start fights with us fellow Anker fans :joy:

Additionally, while it may seem sad, we use our charged devices sometimes for hateful things. Taking shots at each other on social media, screaming at each other, etc. Just look at social media today with the election and all, that says everything you need to know…

So no, Anker can’t help World Peace, sorry.

fair comment.

Super irrelevant to Anker and just world peace in general. I don’t know where you were headed with this thread but it’s pointless bro no offense!

No. A thought of a “higher power” can’t even bring world peace what makes you think an inanimate object such as a beautiful Anker charger or their out of this world charging cables will bring world peace? Wait maybe they will since this whole human race has gone to the sewer in so little time. :joy:

Well perhaps the causality is the reverse direction. When I see the Periscope from Anker in China and all the countries represented, makes me think we’re generally getting more peaceful and Anker is arising from that.

So very different from 30 years ago.

I believe it’s just a simple question. It is in the “General” section afterall.

to answer the question… no not really lol

That’s a bit difficult

I’m buying a Republican one … promo code … DONALDTRUMPPP, don’t forget the three P’s, very important!

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