Do you recommend anker to friends?

I have been using cables and chargers from anker for a few years now and thanks to all their great products I recommend them to everyone I know. I even show them off to friends and family. Ive also convinced friends to purchase cables from them as well.How about everyone here ?


I’ve bought about 60 Anker products in my lifetime.
I currently own about 15 right now.
People keep taking them.
Well, I keep giving them away.

My friends often ask me if I work at Anker.
Some of them actually think that I work at Anker.

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Definitely. Their products have served me well for the 4+ years I have used Anker stuff, and my family might even be annoyed at how many Anker products they get for gifts. Right now, here are my current “main” Anker products:

-Powerport Speed 4 (or Powerport 4 Speed, not sure)
-Bolder LC40 Rechargeable (AMAZING flashlight, would highly recommend)
-Powerline (at least 3 Micro-USB, 4 Lightning)
-Powerline+ (2 Lightning)
-Powerline II (1 lightning)
-Soundbuds Slim
-Karapax Shield+ for iPhone 8 Plus
-4 Port Aluminum USB hub
-Wireless charging pad (I believe it is the PowerPort Wireless)
-Powercore Fusion 5000

Again, this is only stuff I use almost every day. I have other Anker wall chargers and cables, but they don’t get much use. This doesn’t count gifts to others.



When I was working I told other admins
about the high quality of ANKER products.
Now retired I recommend these to friends.
And there are many :wink:

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Buy ten products each year!


I also give a lot of anker products as gifts for my friend, they are deeply attracted by speakers and cables.:smile:


Even though I’ve not been too successful in the past, I do still recommend Anker n the forum to friends.

Although they say they will join or.look you up, I’m afraid not one has.

@AnkerOfficial I’m 10cm/100mm/4” usb-c lead, but sadly you seem to only do this lead as part of a multi-buy pack.

Value lightning cables, and value Bluetooth earbuds, yes. Everything else, not really.

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Of course! I got to “convert” a few friends, and I always mention the amazing Anker customer service.

I am honest about the products, mentioning both the good and the bad, like I do on my reviews, and show off what I got. More than being a brand ambassador, I simply enjoy being able to help people get good things when they want it.

I’ve recommended Anker to family, friends, work colleagues and even a few strangers lol. I have not had any experience with the affiliated products but hopefully that will change soon enough as soon as my bank balance recovers or I get the chance through the power user program to test them out.

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I’ve started giving cables and powerbanks away as gifts to to friends and family. Sometime I’ll give them one I already own so I get a new one :wink:

Whenever I can I recommend them to friends and family and promote the Anker products on my website and social media networks.


When everyone finds out you have Anker products

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I always recommend Anker to my friends, and coworkers. A few of them even went right online and ordered products right after I showed them or let them used my stuff. One coworker refused to buy anger because it cost too much, but in the end after I showed him how much he was spending buying cheap cables He finally bit the bullet and got Ankers power line plus cable and hasn’t had to buy any since then.

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Cor, think of the money he could have saved getting a hub, or 4 in 1 wall charger

Tell him what my mother used to say: “We don’t have enough money to buy cheap things.” :wink:

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10? Just 10? I wish I could limit myself like that. :smirk:

I’m in Seattle for the weekend with my wife and our travel friends (another couple). While we were unpacking in the hotel, I pulled out an Anker 4-port charger, an Anker 2-port charger, and an Anker 26800 battery. Our friends also brought their Anker 2-port charger. I said to them, “Cool. You guys have an Anker charger too!” They replied, “Yeah, you gave it to us last year when we went to San Diego!”

Yeah, I give so many of them away, I forget.

And last week, I gave my nephew an Anker 13000 mAh power bank. He was going to Coachella and needed a battery pack.

P.S. We’re on vacation, but we’re also studying (wife & I both have professional licensing exams coming up). We stopped by University of Washington Library to study for the afternoon. Super cool. Very high tech library. We’re just sitting in a corner booth and studying, with our Anker keeping our phones/tablets charged.

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You always recommend our products, will your friends be annoyed?:laughing:

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On my way home we had a 5 hour layover before our last flight home. One family needed to charge their phones but their battery packs (ravpower) wasn’t charging their phone. And the charge plugs at our terminal gate were broken, so I offered to let them use my 10k pack. The husband told me no because he can get theirs to work…20 minutes later his daughter asked to use mine and her father asked me all about it. When he heard it was Anker branded he got mad and tried to tell me how much better ravpower power was. My son laughed at him and said if it was better his kids would be using his charger and not mine. His wife told him he can keep his ravpower as she’s gonna get the one I had. He got all mad and stormed off, I didn’t think she would but she went on Amazon and ordered one for her and her daughter.


I recommend only if someone asks.

At a small tiny airport here next to München (Munich, Bavaria)
which is mainly used by an Irish airline (R…air) I found a cupboard with many lockable “drawers” with charging possibilities.
So free charging was possible, without to “loose” your beloved item.

At many airports you must be a Sherlock Holmes to find a socket to plug in your charger. And if this is occupied already there could be serious discussions who is the only “legitimate user.”

So an ANKER charger with 6 outputs is making friends for ever!!! :grin: