Do you like and light fireworks at New Year's eve?

I was never a fan of such a pollution (I am NOT a green at all :laughing:)

This year (same as last year) it’s prohibited in München and other places in Germany. (Covid rules)

The fine dust pollution of such fireworks is extemely high and same is the garbage left on streets and places.

Not this year, great! :+1::+1::+1:

btw. Normally those fireworks are sold in supermarkets, not last and this years.
But of course there are other sources for those who need this nonsense
and are willing to waste money for.


Even though they’re illegal in California, some people in the neighborhood will set off fireworks. I prefer being asleep when the calendar rolls over, so I’d prefer if they didn’t but I live next to a city park so I’ll just make sure my ear plugs are in nice & snug.


I find the annoying when it’s really late but since it’s only once or twice a year, I don’t really mind lol


I do the same!
I go to bed and use ear plugs. :laughing:


We often have some time challenged individuals here, letting fireworks off around 10pm…

Mind you this year, -40C soooo doubt many will be outside for a light show…



Well here in India those type of creatures partying and then crackers but I personally hate burning money. For me there is no point doing so. Happiness can be spread on ground too and that can fill the sky more densly than those momentarily colorful lights.


Holy crap! I feel like it’s TOO COLD when the temperature drops below 20 here in NC. Can’t imagine dealing with -20C :astonished:

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I can hear them going off outside my house. I don’t mind it, but the dog hasn’t stopped shaking for 2 hours. Hoping they will be done soon so all of us can get some sleep!

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The effects are cool, the cost and side effects not so much. I don’t do them, but in my neighborhood in Georgia there was a continuous stream of fireworks going off in every direction for hours last night. There was no sleeping before midnight even if you had wanted to.


Ear plugs!
I used those, my beloved wife didn’t.
So she was not amused as there were some imported “strong” crackers
from Poland were exploding in the far neighborhood.

Normally those are not allowed but who cares about rules in our corrupted country here meanwhile.
OK, no more politics…heheh!

Hope we all here will be together as a strong and “sworn in” (great expression, same in German) in 2022.
I am sure we will!


Oh we’re in a heat wave… we only -30 this morning… 2022 is looking up…

image image


Lol I don’t do good in such temperatures so I’d just stay inside :rofl:

Its getting better!
global warming! :rofl:

And indoor?
I see about 18C.
Thats OK.

Some stupid here turn up heating so they have > 25C inside.
So they can stroll around in the house with t-shirt and short pants.
And after the heating season they are surprised about the bill.

Natural gas price increased enormously here since autumn.
I, an old sly fox made a contract for 1 year with a fix price in October. :grin:
So I am not affected as much.

And we have also ca 18C in the living, which I can increase to > 20C using
the tile stove.

May I ask you something?
Isn’t there in your place a lot of darkness →
Sunrise at 9:00 and sunset at 16:00 for example?

btw : Sunny out side and 0C here in München.

my family did fireworks one year when I was really little but usually we just bang pots in front of our house with my neighbors and just yell happy new year to each other. not really anything special. Leading up to the ball dropping my family either watch a movie or play games together which is always nice.

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