Do you have this power bank with these functions?

After a power bank that has Power Delivery (PD) with USB-C on for charging and recharging (in and out).

Also have a built in cable, ideally USB-C and lightning if possible, and last thing have pass through for when charging over night.


Hi @ABC111, Anker offers several portable chargers with Power Delivery and USB-C input and output. They also have one with a built-in USB-C cable (PD) and one with a built-in Lightning cable (no PD). Finally, Anker’s PowerCore Fusion models support passthrough charging. However, no single model has all of these features.

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Ah pity, these are functions that I want. Does the USB-C one with integrated cable also charge from the same integrated cable as well?

Not sure why so many power banks don’t have pass through as that’s an ideal time to charge your bank and your phone overnight.

Unfortunately, no.

It’s because passthrough is not good for the batteries.

Pass-thru is not needed, and a bad idea.

Anker has many multi-port chargers, so you plug in your phone into charger, your Powerbank into the charger, they then both charge overnight.

Pass-thru adds complexity, which adds electronics, which add heat. Heat inside Batteries ages the batteries so you really don’t want, a pass-thru battery. Such a product is technically inferior.

Do though want a dual-port charger, it can create heat as its far from the battery, it then charges all batteries in parallel. Much better engineering.

Pass-thru uses 2 cables, as does parallel charging, so there is zilch, nil, nada, no need ever for pass-thru.

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Thanks for replies and explanations. I wouldn’t use the pass through much to be fair, but didn’t realise it would be bad for batteries. I just thought it would literally once the device is full then charge itself.

Not having the integrated cable to charge the actual power bank to me seems a waste though, if having an integrated cable anyway. Not sure why as then need another cable to charge it anyway.

Integrated cables are also a bad idea. The most common failure is the cable.

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