Do you have any extra jobs?

How are we all this morning (10:52 UK) ?

I was just on my way to work one of my extra jobs (which I love) and wondered if you have any other exciting extra jobs.

My main job is System Admin and SQL developer for social services but for extra work I am a safety steward or doorman at different venues.

Today Wales will (hopefully) smash the English here at the Millennium (Principality) Stadium in Cardiff and I will be running Gate 1 (yellow) to ensure everyone that visits us today is safe and enjoys their day.
Last night I was at Cardiff City FC but that didn’t go so well for the club.

What other things do you do that you love so much.


Love to watch lfc… big game tomorrow😉

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I was computer engineer.
No I am a retired fellow.
But write manuals for companies, sometimes really funny stuff.
e.g nursing bags! :joy:
This is much more difficult than a review for a speaker!


I do volunteer landscaping at my church. That’s the only job I do aside from my regular job of professional landscaping :joy:

Sounds like a good read Franz :joy::joy:
You should share some

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Cannot wait for it but will be a hard game to watch. I just can’t think about not winning. I think it will be a very tight game

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Cool. I’d love to have a beautiful garden. I hat cutting the grass :neutral_face:

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If you hate cutting the grass why did you comment on my post about landscaping? Must be point farming :joy::joy::joy:

e.g. A Baby-bottle-warmer.
Indeed such one was in this nurse bag.

But this is my invention I might get the noble (sic) prize for.

Small tiny heater behind the bottle (not ANKER :joy:)

But for the buddies in the US, dont drink your beer icecold.
Your stomach will suffer!


Unfortunately no exciting other jobs.

Only commenting on this post so I can say …

GGMU :japanese_ogre:

My wife is the grass cutter in our garden.
Summer and Winter-jobs.
(I am feeding the tile stove)

I would instruct “Willi” our 11S to do this too, but, though he is willing to help he will fail (no equipment) :joy: :joy:

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Just need to change his brushes out for blades lol


There are some robot mowers I’ve seen. Sadly anker/eufy doesn’t make one yet.

No extra job. Just a student job besides studying for A-levels

“German ANGST!”

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You never have seen our garden.
Would be a job for you!

German jungle! :joy:

But great!
Many animals here in the middle of town.

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I didn’t see your post. I hate farming too. :joy:

I meant my comment that you replied to. Also, I was making a reference to when you accused me of point farming yesterday :joy:

Go on Wales. What another great comeback :rugby_football:


i know what you were referring too :wink:

I don’t need the bucks. I was starting a conversation about my extra job and asking what community member get up too.

You just posted a link.