Do you feel the clutter of charging cables all around your car? How about Retractable or Coiled Type Cables from Anker? How many of you are interested in this?

With the advancement of technology, we now have so many gadgets that we use in our day to day life. Especially when travelling in a car on a family trip, we have multiple devices that needs to be charged while on the go. While we have great products to satisfy the charging need of all the devices (like multiple output ports car chargers), cable management is a nightmare. we have so many cables hanging around from each of the output port all over the car. My car totally looks messy with all those wires. If we have retractable power cables it would make our travel clutter free when not in use.

Retractable power cables have some distinct advantages like:

  1. We can choose the desired length of the cable.
  2. Most of the cars have a compartment like closure for and with retractable cables, we can effectively leave the compartment closed when not charging any device.
  3. Easy storage of multiple cables in the car (no more tangling of various charging cables)

PS: Coiled type power cables is a noteworthy alternative to retractable power cables which can satisfy most of the above in a different way.

What do you guys think about this idea? Does many of you feel the clutter of cables in you car as I feel? Are there any other ideas to remove the clutter of cables in your car?

I love retractable cables but have never found any that last for more than a few months. It’s be nice to discover some that are reliable and will last at least a year. Weak areas in the cables I’ve purchases are the strain reliefs next to the plugs and the retractor mechanism failing.

@Jay_E_Muns Spot on “never found any that last for more than a few months”, “retractor mechanism’ failing”

The retractor mechanism on two of the retractable cables I used in the past failed. They were of cheap quality. I have ever since then been on the look out for a high quality retractable cable but in vain. I believe Anker has the potential to manufacture a high quality retractable cable that lasts decently. Atleast I’m pretty sure they should be able to easily deliver a coiled type charging cable.

Not really a fan of the retractable cable design, like @Jay_E_Muns mentioned you often end up with a failing or broke mechanism, not to mention the cables are thinner which in turn makes them more susceptible to internal wire breaks or damage. Rather have a robust cable that I have to coil myself!

I find coiled power cables are bad because the coil always wants to close/coil up. And that would put excess stress on the connection between the phone and the cable which would be bad. Some coiled cables are also really tightly coiled so they could pull your device across a flat surface if the friction isn’t very high.

Retractable cables are an interesting idea though.

If Anker could manage a robust retractable cable it would be a hit. Coiled cables are okay in cars but as pointed out can result in “unintended consequences” when your phone gets pulled off a table.