Do we need Flagship phones anyway?

Looking at the debate about the $1000+ iphone X, and the debate basically saying look at the alternative of the Samsung which is also high cost, I am still puzzled as why anyone would want to pay such a high cost a phone?

Here are some great phones for less than half the cost, to illustrate:

OnePlus 5

Total cost shipped $479

Moto G5 Plus

Cost shipped from $239

Why get a “flagship” anyway?

  • phones suffer from drops / accidents so surely a phone should not be more in the $100-$300 region anyway?
  • your screen is tiny and typing is hard, so why not buy a tablet instead? 8" in the $200+ region. Drain your tablet battery watching media / browsing then use your phone for talking.

This site lets you compare models side by side


Good points, have to admit the OnePlus 5 looks sweet. As for $1000 for the iPhone X, despite being a fan of Apple products, I’m not that big a fan to drop a grand :grin:

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My current phones are the OnePlus 3T, I jumped to it from the OnePlus2, the Onplus3 wasnt enough of an upgrade, and the OnePlus5 isn’t enough of an upgrade from the 3T, and the Moto G4 Play paid $99. I tend to use the G4 Play on camping trips as it works well with solar :sunny:

My Google Nexus 7" 2013 I got for $89 2 years ago I just ordered a $10 ebay replacement battery as current $200+ tablets seem poorer value. A bit of youtube research and a screwdriver can do more good.

Same goes with Bentley, Lamborghini, Maserati, etc…why get a gas guzzler when you can get the all new Chevy Bolt? lol

(Chevy send me one pls) jk :sweat_smile:

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why get a car when you can get a bike.

My bike chain snapped yesterday, 30 miles from home, repaired it myself on road side in 10 minutes using the tools I carry the last 30 years, then bought a replacement chain for $32.

That same problem with a car would be a recovery, parts, labor $300+, and waste a few hours more.

To avoid doing the shopping like this :laughing:


That’s why Amazon’s drones will also have mini refrigerators.

Or just get a flagship after it’s been out for a couple years.

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no actually as you do a little bit of shopping every day en-route.

Only if its either replaceable battery, or you can easily open and replace.

Ensure its easily replaceable and repairable, usually good videos here

For a typical cost of $50 you can repair the common issues to add 1-2 years more phone life.

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Nah, I’m a once a week chap for shopping. Buy and prep for the week, then just heat and serve :smile:

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I am sad that many new phones are losing this feature. Some (cough iPhone cough) have never had it. I’m pretty sure it’s because the batteries would be too small to replace anyways.

So on a cost of a phone per day basis, if it is self repairable then you could get 3-4 years life so have more justification to up a higher buy price. To be expensive and not self repairable, well I think some phone designers are doing this deliberately to make you buy their next flagship every 1-2 years.

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Pretty much hit the nail on the head there :thumbsup: but you don’t amass an $800 billion value by allowing self repairs :smile:

Often the time spent to self repair is less time than to learn which phone you want, buy a new phone and convert over adapt/learn. So its time and money. A typical crack open screwdriver replace seal is 15 mins with a laptop to the side with a youtube video guide.

Similar with tablets, ended yesterday was a Fire 8 HD for $35 sale, but I’d rather spend $10 to keep an older tablet going than learn how to get around the Amazon ads nag.

Lol got to carry the extra ice to make sure one bag doesn’t melt all the way.
And that auxiliary ice bag up front to shield the other bags from the bikes hot exhaust.

Good to be prepared, too bad most people I know can’t change a tire on their own. :joy:

I think they took that off and went with a “credit” based type since people would just get a phone on a carrier and flee to another country without having to stick to the contract lol.

What I think everyone is forgetting was the 2yr agreements. You used to be able to get the newest iPhone for $200 for the 2yr agreement. But the price on that phone was still around $700. Now they are not doing 2year agreements so you have to pay that full price. But with the 2yr agreements they were still getting that $700 through your service plan. Now it looks more expensive but your still paying the same amount of money as if it were a 2yr agreement plan.

This is the iPhone 6 Plus when it came out $299 with two year agreement. $749 with no contract. There are no more 2yr agreements. But when you did the 2yr agreements the phone company made up the $450 on you. So needless to say you were always paying the full price on the phone even if it was a 2yr agreement.

Yeah that chevy bolt is awesome. A family member has one and I am in love with it!