Do We Have Gamers In The Community?

I was wondering if anyone plays any video games and if you guys do Share your Gamer ID’s
What platform do you guys play on?

  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • PC
  • Other…
  • I don’t play

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And what games do you play?


I play the game of a real life.
That’s enough,


I play games mainly on my phone. I’m obsessed with Word Stacks now but I used to love Titan Uprising :blush:

PS4 yeah…

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I only play mobile games. I have been playing pubg lately. You should add mobile to the list, since two people have said that :grin:


I’m trying to add but I am getting an error ‘‘You cannot add or remove poll options after the first 5 minutes. Please contact a moderator if you need to edit a poll option.’’ Maybe @TechnicallyWell can help

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Ah that’s a shame lol

Used to play professionally in my teenage years, but stopped after my university classes got really challenging. I still play some pc games from time to time though, like overwatch, quake champions, and league of legends.

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I only and only play Chess on iPhone, the best game without any splash and fight, just strategy :smile:

Since playing occasional snake on an old Nokia, I’ve never really been into gaming.

I was half good at Goldeneye on console, but that’s probably the last game I played. The friend who had the machine n me, haven’t spoken for over 20 years, after he shit on me!

Now with health, I couldn’t play if I wanted to. My hands need regular rest (hence not on here all day, and having big gaps) due to arthritis in my hands n finger joints.


Despite the message, moderators can’t change the poll after 5 minutes either. :weary:

If I could, I would have added Nintendo Switch as well! :grin:


Only mobile games for me too

I play mostly on mobile as well

@AnkerOfficial can you guys add the option - Phone - to the poll? Thank you

LOL! I play the game of life as well :sunglasses::laughing::wink:

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I play RTS, MMOS and FPS as well as thirdperson shooters.
Love Tom Clancy’s Wildlands and the Division :heart_eyes::sunglasses: They thee best

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Honestly I am both a PC and Console Gamer :wink::grin:

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touché :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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I am mainly on PC now, but still hopnon my Xbox One from time to time. Play a bunch of Rainbow Six Seige, Division 2 and whatever else I’m feeling at that time.

I have a really bad addiction to Rocket League and Rust. I main those 2 games but splurge every once and a while and try new stuff. Recently been on a kick with Satisfactory, which is a new factory building game.