Do the Anker cables have the same speed as Apple cables?

Just to clarify, I am talking about the cable itself not power adapter. I have read that speeds can very between cables. Do any of you guys know how they compare to each other? It would be cool if I could get responses from users of PowerLines and PowerLine+. Thanks!

You can’t compare speeds to the same type of connector, there’s only differences between usb 2.0, usb 3.0 and usb c/3.1. The cables non + and + just refer to durability.

I wasn’t referring to the difference between the cables. I wanted to see what people thought between the difference of Anker cables in general and Apple cables. Does that make more sense?

Your question asked for speeds, not the design of cables or “general” … A cable is a cable and would deliver the same as any other. There are some cheap cables with very small wire gauge that would affect data/power transfer. But Anker isn’t the type to give you a cheap cable.

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About Apple I do not know, but if I confirm with respect to Samsung, Anker cables are much more efficient

That’s helpful, thanks!