Do i need to manually click "connect" everytime i start the car?

Hi guys,

Was wondering the the mention is done by all or is anyone getting a seamless way everytime u start your car n connects to viva.

I have click connect everytime thru the app :frowning:

Thx guys.

Every time your phone is within range and power is applied to both your radio and the Viva the re pairing process begins. It should be automatic but not necessarily instataneus. In my case my radio displays a connection to my phone by name and the Viva says welcome back through the speakers. I unlock my phone as I approach my car but one poster says even that’s not necessary.

Hi again. I heard it once. The welcome msg. I have been testing leaving the mobile as it is but dun seem to reconnect yet. Trying to find out wats the trigger point b4 i look into other ways to “force” it like using tasker :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw wru located?

You will not need any outside source to help connect. Like all things Bluetooth nothing can happen until the Viva and phone have paired. Have you paired your phone to your radio or speakers before?

Yap. Music n all comes out from my car sound system. Its just tat i need to find out what “triggers” the auto connect n when it doesnt. There must be some pattern involved

Proximity. Not being a smartass but when the Viva and the phone get within range they will connect. If they do it once they should do it every time with or without your help. Have you made sure you have the latest software and fIrmware? Anybody out there that did some beta Viva testing. Anker rep?

i wrote in to anker. lets see. weekends they are not avail.

Post your answer from them.

How well does Alexa understands you while driving on the highway. Before I pull the buy it now, I don’t want a prototype where I have to repeat the same things over and over again.

its not doing tat. u can google youtube can get some insights. pretty much wat is being reviewed is correct. I bought it as I do not have a aux in in my car. and bluetooth using alexa dot doesnt work. this device does as its going thru your mobile. I m happy. for now. hahah

What I noticed (using Roav Spectrum) is that you should have your phone’s Bluetooth ON before you get inside your car. The device will connect once the car’s engine is started.

If you turn ON Bluetooth after you’ve started your car, than you’d have to manually connect via the app’s Connect button.

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Reply i got from Roav support :slight_smile:

For your information, VIVA supports automatically reconnect. But to achieve this, please make sure:

  1. You don’t press Disconnect in Roav VIVA App before get out of your car
  2. VIVA app is always running on the background
  3. Bluetooth on your phone is turned on.
  4. If your phone is an Android phone, please disable the battery saver.