DJI Spark Drone and Anker

Pulled the trigger on a DJI Spark Fly More Bundle a week ago and am waiting on shipping. I ordered a bunch of extra batteries and props from ebay using the promo code that was floating around last week for $15 off 75.

My truck has 110v power receptacle in it for charging using the battery hub but I fully expect to take my Anker battery packs with me for remote, in the field charging of batteries. If Anker wants to send me a Powerhouse or Big Ol 26800mAh battery for reviewing with the drone I will gladly accept with open arms :wink:
The Spark drone is going to be the drone to have for Xmas this year (and probably Mavic Pro 2 if its released before xmas)
The drone can be charged directly with a micro usb from an external battery pack(first time ever for DJI drones), the remote needs charging and so does your phone being used for display.
(ANKER there is a niche here for you to fill with your battery packs or a half size powerhouse)

Anyway, does anyone use any anker products with their drones?
I also wish Anker made a right angle Lightning cable for using with phone and remote.

First off, I’m jelly of you getting the DJI Spark. :stuck_out_tongue: Congrats on your new toy. From the reviews and videos I’ve seen of them, they look so much fun to fly. Have fun with it. :slight_smile:

Dude… @Nhi is right, jelly. Make sure you sign up with FAA depending on your state. Have fun and post some pictures.

FAA reg is no longer required. They nixed that rule.

Anker, check this out

Pssst Anker, I need a bigger battery