DJI Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian

What does everyone think of the new color if you are into drones

I like it, although I prefer the neon colors – like the ones available for the Spark – so it’s easier to keep an eye on it in the sky!

I like them! Militarized drones… lololol

I have to agree about the brighter colors. But it all depends in the sky the day I’m flying because even a neon green can get lost on bright days.

We affixed alternating rgb lights to my son’s drone so he can track it when he flies it. There are a lot of trees where we live and everything blends in so now with the lights it’s easier to follow

It’s nice to have options, but let’s be honest - When the thing is 250ft+ in the air you’re really not going to be thinking about what color it is! That said I do like the color of my Mavic in contrast to the Phantom series which were until now all white.

Anker should make accesories for drones! Like if you agree