Dissapointed with Anker Official Store in Aliexpress

Actually this is my first dissapointment with Anker Service,

I bought 4 items in Aliexpress on late November 2017

  1. 1st order 24/11/2017 SoundCore Pro
  2. 2nd order 25/11/2017 SoundBuds Surge
  3. 3rd order 28/11/2017 Anker SoundCore Mini (2pcs)

Order 2 & 3 which is delivered nicely around Dec 15, i check my order the item everyday. and the problem is with 1st order (SoundCore Pro) when i realized the shipment been cancelled.

I contact Anker Official Store in AliExpress soon as possible.

on Dec 9 2017, they said it is in process will be OK SOON, ok i’m chill then.
on Dec 15 i trying to confirm my order and message the Official Store again, and they said they will arrage the resend as soon as possible… OK im trying to calm down.
on Dec 20 i’m asking for my tracking number and finally on Dec 21 they answer me
" Dear customer,thanks for supporting Anker products,I’m sorry to tell you your order[88268434486124] was pickup failured this time,and we cannot arrange a replacement by the system reason. please open a dispute and we will refund the payment to you. It is appreciate if you can make a new order again.Thank you. "

i mean WTH?! im wait for so long and you guys just said want to refund ?! i don’t want refund, i want my order!!! i hope Anker Support Team read this, you guys never fail me with your service, but now… idk what to say.

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aliexpress is always a crapshoot. Most of the time you get your items but i ordered something (not anker)and it took 53 days to get. I forgot i even ordered it when it showed up


yes, i know the service of aliexpress kinda sucks. but, i’m tryin to inform the Anker Official Store in aliexpress to resend my order as they promised, if they cannot resend my order, why lure me until Dec 21 eh ? saw the order has been cancelled early December on Dec 9
and they don’t explain the details to me about : "we cannot arrange a replacement by the system reason. please open a dispute and we will refund the payment to you. It is appreciate if you can make a new order again.Thank you. "

as far as i know Anker have phenomenal services isn’t ?
this brand never fail to amaze me how good their products to me and i need the answer for “system reason” here
oh well maybe just me asking too much :confused:

I believe while it’s an anker official store it is still handled by aliexpress and we all know how troublesome they can be. The system response could just be because that’s what they see when an item is out of stock, and they were hoping it would be in Stock soon. I’m just speculating as I have no actual idea. But only speak from past experience with another vendor in their site

but i think it’s not the system response, cus i had long conversation with that official store before…

I would recommend you to buy through Anker’s official website, Amazon or retail stores online websites.

Buying from aliexpress is still through their retail online store so there shouldn’t have been any issues. I would recommend sending support@Anker.com a message and inform them of your issues and they will help to resolve it

Contact Anker customer service though a email. They usually fix your problem quickly

Also, Aliexpress is a shady place to begin with.

Hi @effendyjohan,

Thank you for letting me know this issue, since receiving your reply, we have been dealing with this matter. Our support team has helped you to complete the refund. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.:hugging:

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Thank you! anker never dissapoint the customer, from now gonna buy anker products in official store in my country only, the only way to get replacement without shipping out of my country :wink: