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I just bought seven different anker speakers from a local store that was going out of business. They work when plugged into power and with an auxiliary cord. They will not stay on when disconnected from the power and the Bluetooth won’t work. I found out they are display models. I think I have been duped out of a couple hundred. Does anyone know of a fix to get these things out of display mode? I also purchased 3 JBL speakers and they walked me through getting them out of display mode. Anker would not. They were hinting around at a solution for this, but said they had no support manual on how to fix them. Surely there is a mode change on them to make them work? Or am I just out the money? Any help is GREATLY appreciated


So have you contacted Anker customer support? If not, go ahead and shoot them an email at support@anker.com


As @joshuad11 mentioned I would shoot support@anker.com ab email and explain to them what is going on and ask for assistance.
Another thing you can do is see if any of the speakers you have can be flashed to update the firmware, click Here for instructions on how to do so


I called them. They said there is no support they can offer to get them out of display mode. But then said if I know an electrician or speaker person that is third party to contact them and they may know of a fix. Which leads me to believe there is a way to get them operational


Good call, @elmo41683… Worth a shot!


I will try the firmware tonight. Really I just would love to be able to get these working. They seem like great speakers and I hate to throw them away and loose a couple hundred just because they are stuck in a demo mode.

I was thinking maybe try holding down the "Vol - " button and the “Bluetooth” button together for 10 seconds or so. See if the lights change and then power it off and then back on and see if you can connect to it. I also read doing the volume up button and bluetooth button for 10 seconds may work also. Try different combinations of buttons until you figure it out

I will try that. I have pressed a combination of buttons. I got one light to turn red and reset but still didn’t work. I’m hoping I can figure something out. The JBL was super simple. Just press the vol+ and connect button for 10sec and bam back to normal. Surely there is something like that on these speakers.

I will say this, I had a bluetooth speaker from kmart that was in demo mode and I had to open it up and solder the wires for the mic which was connected to the auxiliary wires. Essentially it bridged it into demo mode, not sure if these would be the same thing. Just wanted to give you the Info in case all else fails

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I would think a firmware flash like @elmo41683 has mentioned or button combination should break it out of display / demo model mode…as most are off the production line items…even beta versions aren’t that tied down…

The wire option is also a good call should all else fail…but does seem quite old school for disabling features…

Well, after a series of emails, anker basically told me I’m out of luck and to throw them in the trash. What a waste. The offered zero help. Never will I own another anker product. JBL is the only company to step up and help. Anker is a joke.

Any chance you can let me know how to get a jbl out of demo mode. Got a flip 4 and can’t figure it out.

The only way I have been able to play music out of a display model soundcore is by using a dual USB and 3mm jack connected directly to the phone or tablet. I hope it helps out a bit.