Disney+ on Capsule?

Hi, I just bought a capsule.
Is there any way to put Disney+ on it? Or can it be sent from my phone’s D+ app to the capsule?
Netflix works great on my cars awning.


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I have Disney+ and tested connection it to Nebula Capsule.

Perform the below:

  1. You need to contact Nebula Support Support@seenbula.com , have them provide you the code (& steps to perform - this is completely upto Nebula Support discretion to provide this code or to reject) to be able to have Google Playstore.

  2. From there install / purchase the apps AIRScreen OR CastReceiver, which add the Chromecast feature. I prefer the AIRScreen App since it also provides DLNA, Airplay and Chromecast and most stable, make sure to test it out.

  3. Ensure your PC & Nebula are on the same network

  4. Once installed, and setup, use Disney Plus on the Chrome Browser and cast the Screen media to Nebula (Nebula advertises itself as Chromecast device with the AirScreen App),

  5. Media play begins on Nebula, as long as everything is good.

  6. Enjoyyyy!


Hi There,

Thanks for @Shenoy’s reply.

It’s a good way to perform Disney+ on Capsule. As said, this app requires Google Play services. So we would recommend you contact us at support@seenebula.com to get a password for the beta Google firmware so that you could unlock this services.

Then we can provide you an apk file to help you install Disney plus on Capsule accordingly.

Thank you! Looking forward to improving your experience with Nebula!

Anker Support Team


Hi guys,
Thanks for the replies, I’ll send an email to supprt@seenebula.com tomorrow and hopefully it will be running disney+ soon.

Thanks again.

Keep us posted here it goes!

Thanks @AnkerSupport for inputs on Disney+ App, I have kept apps very light on Capsule :grin:

Will try the Disney+ App on Nebula Capsule

Ok here goes;
I got the code and updated my capsule, now I’m trying to download the airplay app from play store, it says its downloading, but nothing is happening, am I missing something? I’ve tried various apps, but it’s the same with them all.
Thanks for your help

Did the Disney+ app download and Install work for you?

Please reply to Nebula Support for this issue, they will most probably suggest a factory reset or may have better inputs. Make sure the device is connected to internet without any blocks / firewall settings which may block Google (playstore)

You may also try to refresh the entire installation, please try the recovery through settings>about>recovery and test them again to see how it works. (I would suggest backup of all your apps / files since this will delete / erase everything – Talk to Support before you perform this step)

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Hi @Shenoy,
The app isn’t compatible with the capsule device, it won’t download onto the capsule, so I’ve put the app on my phone and I’ll try and cast it to the capsule.
I’m a bit disappointed, Support only sends 1 email a day, so it’s making it drag out this process.
I’ve emailed them, so see what they say tomorrow.


I gave up emailing them and just called when i needed help in a rush

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HI @Paddy_AUS
Unless you have some important files (which I assume is not the case), the best / fastest option would be to factory reset (settings>about>recovery and test them again) and then login to Playstore and check it out.

I will myself try to download install the Disney+ … though Casting is the easiest & best option, I do it for almost all of my video, mostly the Plex.

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@Shenoy disney+ is not compatible with the capsule since its running custom software. Even side loading it doesnt work, i went through the whole ordeal with support. I myself just reverted to casting from the laptop or cell phone as it was much easier and less of a hassle


Thanks @Tank , will save my time from going through this… Casting is the best option :slight_smile:

Which app do you use for Casting? AIRScreen?

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I use the chromecast as its much more stable and anyone In the house can use it without having to do anything extra

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I’m giving up with trying to do anything with this poxy capsule projector, can’t seem to get any screen casting to work on it.
Disney plus isn’t compatible with it, I need the app to work on it because I can download movies and watch them offline, but it seems too hard for nebula…thinking this is Chinese junk.
Sorry for the rant, but I’ve wasted 2 days trying to cast D+ to this capsule.

Not had any joy either, got the capsule 1 and have the google play store beta installed but can’t get Disney+ at all and that screen app doesn’t work

@Ash_Bram @Paddy_AUS Have you guys tried reaching out to Nebula Support support@seenebula.com If not, please do so.

@Ankersupport for your attention!