Discussion: Best SoundCore for the Beach?

As half the UK population has headed to the coast I’m interested in recommendations for the best SoundCore speaker to take on a day trip to the beach.

  • Do you go for portability, battery life, or power?
  • How well do they cope with sand?
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Personally, if half the UK population may go to the beach this weekend I would and will be avoiding it like the plague.

But, when I do hit the beach I take my trusty Boost 20w.
Got enough power to be heard within our group but not loud enough to be a nuisance.
It’s IPX5 rated so will take a splash and the battery will last up to 12hrs, at low-medium volume i find I’m getting 6-10 hours.

I really recommend it.



I usually take my Flare+. Plenty of battery life and also great sound

It’s gotta be either Icon+ or Flare 2.

I own both, and I would prefer the icon+ (or a pair of them) for the beach.

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Rave Neo a close third.

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I don’t own that one, but based off of specs and reviews so far- I agree.

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I saw photos of beaches in UK.
Seems all are out.
Take care Paul!!!
I know you will do.
Go to the woods, nobody there! :rofl:

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I have lived minutes from the beach for > 30 years.

Personally I’d not go for a speaker, as when the wind is low enough to be not cold, the heat must be higher inland, so the masses arrive and the beach is covered with people, the roads are blocked with traffic.

I’d go with a good windproof jacket and some earbuds for when the weather turns imperfect. If you insisted on going to the beach then I’d get one of those half-dome tents to shield from the wind / sun, say the Soundcore 2, and go there just when the weather says its cold. The children will love it, and if you keep the wind off yourselves you’ll be fine. The typical temporary beach visitor has no idea what the wind is, they only know it’s hot and go the beach, to only find it’s busy.

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I use the Boost for everything. I got mine a few month after release and I’ve noticed the battery isn’t lasting as long. But I love and may replace it with the same one. However I don’t think this one would be a good option for the beach. My fell on our dirt floor of the carport and its basically sand and it got all into the fabric.

I think I would look at a pair of Flares or a set of Motion Q Speakers. Their fabric is easier to clean. The sound quality isn’t as good, but that’s my opinion. But they will handle the wet and sandy conditions better.


I actually like taking the Mini 2 to the beach. It’s small and light enough that it doesn’t weigh down my beach bag. However, given the small size, it’s probably not loud enough to entertain a group, but it’s fine for 2 or 3 people.

I’d go for either the Icon Mini (or two) or the Flare 2…

I couldn’t be without mine either @Element321
To be honest it’s faired well with many trips to the beach, i do look after it and make sure its as safe as possible though.

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I have both of these speakers, of these, the Icon Mini is the more water friendly, and i find better audio. If you get two then you can separate them and point them towards the people.
Interesting physics at beaches.

Water has a high specific heat index so it heats slower than land, so when sun gets hot the land is hotter than sea and so the default is air rises over land and a breeze comes off the sea, the velocity a function of the temperature differential. For that breeze to not be too bad you need then a prevailing wind from land to sea.

Whatever sun is causing the rush to the beach then is also high UV, reflected from sand and sea and so most European-origin people will burn in 15 minutes without plenty of sunblock. Add water to wash off sunblock. Ends up not necessarily the day you’d expect.