As I’m on other forums as well I’ve started using the Discourse app on iPhone. I thought the Anker forum would also be available but isn’t.

Just me? By design (and so why)? Is it in the roadmap?

Would be great to have all the forums I check in one place…

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What is this?

It’s an app for use with Discourse based forums (of which Anker is one). Judging from the error I see when checked, support have either decided to disable mobile API or the version they are running does not support mobile API’s

It has been talked about before and was brought up to the people who manage the website, but so far we haven’t heard anything about the forum being available on tapatalk, or even discourse

Does this mean, there’s still hope? :slight_smile: That would definitely increase my time on this forum…

Would you agree?

Hi @AndreC,

Thanks for your post, it has caused our attention.

Our forum is Discourse based forums. However, we have changed the original forum structure, this may be the reason why you can’t find us on Discourse app.

If we need to re-access Discourse APP, we may need to abandon some of our customized pages, such as Powerdraw page.

But we will contact Discourse team to find if we still have possibility to access the APP.

I hope we can finally find the solution.:innocent:



It makes sense. thanks!

of course I’ll be coming back…it’d be just more convenient, and being on the app I’d assess it more often…but of course, keep the power draw page!! :smiley:


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I interact with the forum via the mobile browser on my phone, and apart from the rare glitches, I have no issues and.i don’t need an app to use here or anywhere really.

Every app you DL you’re introducing code to take over your handset. So I keep my apps to the barest minimum.

I never turn on, download any app feature, even if it’s from a trusted source! Although it looks like Google play is taking fraud/fake apps more serious.

I’m the same way… I would rather use the mobile browser version than the app whenever possible to minimize the number of apps I have installed.

Agreed, plus I personally don’t like the app layout. Mobile browsing is way better imo

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