Discounts on torches

Screen capture off Periscope just now.

The LC130 code worked in USA but not in UK, pity as the LC130 was already a reasonably lower price in UK.


Keep an eye on your email inbox today and you may find just what you’re looking for…:grin:


greaf offers!!:blush::

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Do you mean this USA-only email I just received?

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The LC90 is the PERFECT torch for me! USB rechargable and bright! As soon as those codes come to the UK I’ll pull the trigger and review it for my youtube channel!

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I own all 3 torches now!

My perfect torch would add a charger input port to the LC40. I’d also like a combined charging in and out of merging the Powercore+ mini power in+out with the LC90’s power in with the LC40’s size. I know this merges engineering challenges for Anker but really “one device” which acts as a torch, you can recharge it off USB and it can recharge your phone. You can then choose do you carry lots of potential spare light or drain the light with recharging your phone.

The example problem I have coming up is I’m traveling a lot in June and I don’t expect to need a torch at all / much as its daylight til I expect to be in bed anyways, but I’m also hiking in mountains so its a “just in case” torch need if I’m lost, etc. I could add a headtorch or I could just use the torch off my cellphone but then hiking and walking with a phone ahead you can drop / break isn’t wise. I’d probably be more likely needing to top-up my phone. So what do I do? Well I’m thinking I’d carry the LC40 plus something like the Powercore 10000 plus a spare 18650B in case I either deliberately or accidentally drain the LC40’s internal battery and I can’t recharge it.

The LC90 is water resistant and to recharge it is unscrew the button section, it would be good if that revealed an output port. The LC40 form factor is a good size, LC90 with more CREE and the focus is wider. The LC130 is more waterproof.

The torches in USB batteries are usually feeble, more “Find your keys” type.


If you’re on the lookout for both a small pocket torch and a big honking torch there is this offer at the moment.

I own 2 LC40, one LC90, one LC130. I think the LC90 is probably likely the most popular. I’m waiting for the next LC40 discount.[ks|nativestream

Wow! That’s quite the bargain IMO. I own both the 40 and 90 and love them both, especially for the price (even at the regular price it’s a good deal).

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It is the LC130 + 2 LC40. I own the LC130 but its huge, no focal beam, I prefer the LC90 as a general purpose torch, my go to torch most times, and keep lots of LC40 spread around as they are low cost (more so if you wait for the discount). My goal is torch in every car, in every room so if instant dark you’re not stumbling far. The LC130 is in the largest room, to put on its end and illuminate the whole room, so its used but we need only one of them.

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Code valid at time of writing.

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