Discounts in USA, including new LC40 torch

Link to discounts

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Thanks for posting.

Does anyone know if the PowerCore 20000 with QC is a Walmart/in-store exclusive? I can’t seem to find it on Amazon.
Also, I wonder if you can predict the links of the deals. It looks like it’s through … would be very beneficial for those of us that don’t get any emails!

I tried

And this is what I got

:confused: perhaps that confirms that I’m not truly on the receiving email list.

would you look at that, the LC40 that you were eagerly waiting for!

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I’m not sure if the 20k with quick charge is exclusive but I did see it at my local walmart. It was actually on clearance as we’re all of their battery packs. I didn’t buy it because there clearance price was the same as the normal price I have see in at which was around $38

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I have been looking for a wall charger with quick charge enabled so maybe this is the time to get in the game