Discount for the EUFYcamE at

Think this is a nice occasion! :smiley:

Hope the “code” is not such a big secret! :joy:


20% is a good reason to get these nice security cameras now :heart_eyes:

Got the same eMail. But didn’t we backers even got 30%?!

@AnkerSupport Never got those 30% backer code email sadly. Maybe i would buy some (ugly) E models too then :laughing:

Contacted support to get my 30% code again. I have 3 homebases with about a dozen (regular) eufycams running and need some more, so i gonna give eufycam E at least a chance i guess. Even if i still think its ugly and looking like any other (security) cam at the market … yawn … :sleeping:

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In total i now got 12 eufy cams currently.
9 regular ones, 3 “other” ones.

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Good luck @yamyam :thumbsup:, 12 cameras :heart_eyes: this show how much you like eufycams :grin:

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Thanks Ice! :hearts:

As often as the eufy cams got broken lenses or malfunctions of sensors and video quality, i need a damn lot of replacement cameras for the worst case!

For plenty of reasons,
eufy cam 1 is now monitoring eufy cam 2 and eufy cam 3
eufy cam 4 monitors again the eufy cam 1
while eufy cam 5 and eufy cam 6 are the “redundancy-backup” for eufy cam 1 and 4
the eufy cam 6 and eufy cam 7 are the “redundancy-backup” for eufy cam 2 and 3
and eufy cam 8 and 9 are monitoring the beloved and first of all cams eufy cam 1, which is the most hardcore used one with about 250-300 videos per day and therefore got the most default risk of anker battery outage caused by senility, while finally eufy cam 12 is monitoring the Homebase :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:sos: eufy cam 11 and 12 keep boxed until i need them in emergency failure of one of their “brothers”



I have a similar number of LUMIS! :joy:

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Wow … great! :thumbsup:
But they can’t monitor themself like my eufy cams do :tongue:

But these are enlighten me!
(Kidding as usual)

True words … my cams can’t enlighten me … just my power bill! :laughing:

Sure! … I own the very first and working ever cam (eufy cam) proto type, original signed be every anker employee and including the first video taken with it, showing naked Bill Gates and Tom Brady dancing on the very first Tesla … current estimated worth of this: 50.4 Trillion Dollars! :smiling_imp: