Discount code email received but no code available when logging in?

Hi guys

Received an email offering up to 50% discount code, but when I log into the Power User page it just takes me to the latest sample I received (which I’ve not reviewed yet as I’m awaiting a fast charger to arrive).

Is it a case as I’ve got a sample review outstanding I’m not eligible for a discount code??

Thanks in advance!:+1:

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Because you already have a sample to review is why you cannot claim or use a discount code. Terms state only 1 item can be reviewed at a time and using the discount code would make it 2 items.


That’s fine, I thought as much but didn’t see any harm in asking :+1:

Managed to snag a USB 3.0 PD compatible charger for not much money so I can start filming my power bank review now.

Thanks for the reply, appreciate it :+1:

Nice catch, look forward to your reviews.

@ndalby @TechnicallyWell @AnkerOfficial

Can we have a sub-group of Power User so these can be ignored by us lower beings not worthy? I can then seek to mute all notifications by it.

This is in deals & giveaways which 100% of members would normally be interested in to find it only applies to… almost no-one…


The OP had a legit question, but a dedicated “Power User” forum for discussions like these is a good suggestion!

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Perfect explanation. :grin:

Hi, @nigelhealy , thank you for the nice suggestion. The forum is about to have an upgrading next month, we’ll take this factor into consideration. :slight_smile:


If you want to have weekend outage to do that, please announce so we know and not suffer withdrawal symptons badger FB or TW to ask why.

Taking the community offline is perfectly fine, this community is your gift to us, you deserve a weekend off and do things properly. Just let us know in advance, if you can, so we keep a community ethos.


Thank you for the support. :grin:

It is my job and also a pleasure to run this community, and your support has been a huge motivation.


Fb on the last outage, didn’t support at all.

I was asking it on the Friday night (Friday day to anker) and got no reply until it was snorted on the Monday.

Yea same here, I even went on twitter and did the same but got no word or comment. Then two days later they said to email support with our issues…go figure

Pretty much the thoughts and sentiments of most, if not all, of the core community users :thumbsup:

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Please make an announcement, when updating the forum.
All updates and upgrades may cause crashes and a lot of work to repair. :slight_smile:

Next time there’s a forum outage, let’s go on Twitter and use #AnkerCommunity so we can keep in touch! Then I won’t need to go through withdrawal! :smile:


Dude, that is a great idea. @TechnicallyWell Im gonna do that if it happens again haha


You have made my heart smile today.


@Mark_Ford2 As previously requested before, please refrain from posting links to non related external sites.