Discharge minimum for the Anker USB-C Portable Charger, 18W PowerCore Slim 10000 PD

How far can the above product be discharged before it harms the unit? I’ve seen general estimates of 3-3.3 v for lithium cells, but I haven’t seen it addressed for such a product as this.

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Hmm no idea, i probably wouldn’t let it die all the way down

These products are designed to stop outputing power when it gets low enough as to prevent damage to the internal cells. But even draining past 10% can be detrimental for the long term longevity of the power pack. So best advice is to charge and discharge between 10% and 90%

You don’t have knowledge nor control of the cell voltage. That is set by the electronics for the cells.

The cells will have been measured by the manufacturer to have a minimum voltage where the cells don’t degrade, and that’s when the electronics will then stop discharge. Typically they’ll put into a testing machine which measures how many discharges and capacity for discreet voltage levels and find the sweet spot of capacity Vs durability. We often don’t see these test results, unless it’s a specific battery we can look up.

If there were a teardown of this Powercore then we could look it up. For others which have bad a teardown, the cells were Panasonic with a recommendation of 3.7V to 4.2V to get to 500 cycles at 3350mAh.