Disable beep low charging Soundcore Spirit Pro

Hi guys, is the a way to disable the beep when battery charging is low on Soundcore Spirit Pro? Thanks.

Hello @cip3310,
There is no option to disable it. :sweat_smile:


As mentioned by @pauldey this is a ‘by design’ feature to alert you to the battery needing to be charged and cannot be disabled…

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I’m just thinking if the battery is that low why would you want to disable it? Seems like an important alert to have

Yeah it’s important because alert of low battery but it beep every 20 seconds, it’s a little bit annoying

Alert is useful, say you are on a voice call and headset goes OFF, suppose you are on a conference call – it will take you a while before you know that headset went off :slight_smile:
With the alert you know you should switch to phone and charge the headset!

its annoying and only useful the first few times. I don’t mind it that much. I just wish the repeat warnings were further apart than its current setting.

Seems like the people who like the constant reminder works for Anker because no consumer would be ok with a constant beeping every 30 seconds. It disrupts the call and music or any audio. So working out and running with these and you’ll get a pause in your music every 30 seconds? Ya… that’s not gonna distract you at all… It’s not like I have an external battery with me when I’m 3 miles away from my house on a 5 mile run…

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