Dimensions of flashlights?

Does anyone know what the dimensions of the different flashlights are? Such as length, diameter of the tube or body, weight, or any other features. This does not appear to be listed.

@nigelhealy @ndalby has each model I believe and can help you

Thanks Elmo. Trying to find the right flashlight for doing home inspections.

Anker Bolder LC40 flashlight :

weight 122 grams ( 4,3 oz )
length of 12,5 cm ( 5" )
The head of the torch has a diameter of 3 cm ( 1,18" )

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Hi @arizjones, I currently only have the original LC40 and the Bolder LC40 and LC90. Details below;

LC40 (uniform design)
124mm length
27mm diameter
around 100g weight with batteries

LC40 Bolder
126mm length
35mm diameter at the head
24mm diameter from neck to base
122g weight

LC90 Bolder
158mm length
50mm diameter at the head
37m diameter from neck to base
177g weight

@nigelhealy has the LC130 and did a comparison between all three original models (not the new LC40);


Wow, great response. Thanks so much.

@ Fhassm. Thanks for your response!