Differnet Products

I really like Anker products, but I can only use so many chargers, cables, and speakers. I’ve got three flashlights. Most of the time, as I peruse your adds, I don’t see anything I need anymore.

How about vacums, cameras, car jump starters, chain saws, or a leaf blower? Anker even has alkaline batteries, surely they have something you could use.

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Don’t need to be constantly buying Anker products. Just as/when you need/want them.

But you can always come online and have a bit of craic and banter

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I heard they will be releasing a pasta sauce soon :smile:

Everything but the kitchen sink :laughing:

Tell sell more than just cables and chargers

You forgot speakers and earbuds.
Very important and of fantastic quality.

There are many things I didn’t list, but that is because there are to many to name. Anker has a very wide selection.

What? Is this TRUE??? :smiley: :open_mouth:

I’m at Amazon at least once a month where I search “anker” and see which Anker products Amazon will recommend on that day. Yup, it’s always different, based on my search history as well as sales patterns.

No wonder my Amazon history says that I’ve already purchased 52 Anker products, having spent over $950.

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That’s an impressive number :clap:

I have a diesel truck with two 850AH batteries (not many jump starters for that.) Live in a n apartment so a chain saw and leaf blower wouldn’t be much use. Did purchase the batteries.