Differents between Eufycam and Eufycam 2

Whats the realy differents between the Eufycam and Eufycam 2?
Which product is the newest?
Which product is the best?
The Eufycam 2 camera records 30 images per second, but has no face recognition, or will it still come as an upgrade? The Eufycam does have face recognition but fewer images per second.
The base station of the Eufycam has a memory card that can be increased to 128 GB, the Eufycam 2 only 16 GB and later perhaps storage on a USB stick, is there a USB port provided?
Eufycam works with SD cart en Eufycam 2 with eMMC witch is much slower.
This makes it very difficult to choose the best.

Regards Olivier


Hi @Spanje_camera_s

Our community moderator @TechnicallyWell has a very good overview and comparisons on his website here https://technicallywell.com/eufycam-1-vs-eufycam-2/


Diffidently take a look at @TechnicallyWell’s website, he’s got almost all the info you are asking about.

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Yes but they have 2 different types with almost no difference.
Why and which is the best?
Can a camera 2 be used on a Eufycam (not Eufycam 2)?

Hi @Spanje_camera_s :blush:

Eufycam 2 is the newest series that we bought out :slight_smile:

Homebase 2 Vs Homebase:

-The size of the Homebase; The Homebase 2 is much smaller and lighter. The Homebase of eufyCam has a built-in battery for back up.
-Homebase 2 doesn’t come with Micro SD card, it comes with built in 16GB eMMC, more stable and faster access than micro-SD. Also, it comes with a USB slot that support USB storage.
-The USB charging port of Homebase 2 doesn’t support 9V charging model, only charge devices at 5V;
-The Homebase 2 doesn’t support AI, the Homebase of eufyCam support AI.
-The LED light on Homebase 2 is blue, it is red on Homebase/Homebase E.
-The Homebase 2 of eufyCam 2 support Homekit when using eufyCam 2

Camera 2 Vs Camera:

-Different Model name on the silk printing;
-The LED on the eufyCam is White, it is Blue on eufyCam 2;
-The status LED located on the right side of the eufyCam, the status LED located on the left side of the eufyCam 2.
-Under the customized model of the eufyCam, the minimum interval time between videos is 0s, it is 5s for eufyCam 2.
-eufyCam 2 doesn’t support facial recognition, eufyCam supports facial recognition.

And yes, the camera 2 can be used on the eufycam Homebase. We can fully understand you have done a lot of research on this case. And choosing the different designs will depend on personal preference.

Please feel free to reach out to support@eufylife.com for more information. Thank you for your support.

Have a lovely day!

Thank you very much for the help

So it means the second generation is not better in functionality over the first generation?

Homebase1 seems better if I don’t require Apple HomeKit - as there is a possibility to purchase fast v30 se cards which are very fast and reliable up to 128 gb.

The second generation of camera doesn’t support facial recognition? Is it intention? I have read somewhere that second generation support it directly on the cam and not Homebase.

Will you continue to improve the software and add new functionalities also for the first generation of Homebase and cam?

In your response above you state

And yes, the camera 2 can be used on the eufycam Homebase. We can fully understand you have done a lot of research on this case. And choosing the different designs will depend on personal preference.

Since I have an eufyCAM from the kickstarter project and one of the cameras have gone bad I was going to replace it with an efuCAM 2 camera. However when I go to buy it I see

  • Requires eufy Security HomeBase 2 - eufyCam 2 add-on camera requires a HomeBase 2 to operate Please note the camera alone will not work HomeBase/HomeBase E does not currently support eufyCam 2/2c They will be supported soon

So now I am unsure if buying the extra camera will work the the HomeBase I already have. Can you help me please?

It just seems bizarre to me that you bring out a new HomeBase and camera and yet they aren’t necessarily better?

Soooo… in my kit I have a homebase 1 and two eufycam 2’s. That’s the way it’s sold in my country.
Are my two cameras nerfed somehow to perform like the original or will the perform like eufycam 2?