Difference between USB wall chargers: Elite vs. PowerPort 2?

Both have 2 ports and achieve up to 24W (or 2.4A max per port). Any notable differences???

Hi @StoneyPA,
Good question! The Elite version is slightly larger with a more rugged exterior (for drops, bumps, etc). Otherwise, they are basically the same.

Same for PowerDrive 2 vs Elite, correct?

Correct, the exteriors are somewhat different. Also, the two USB ports on the PowerDrive 2 Elite are illuminated, whereas on the original PowerDrive 2 there is just one LED power indicator.


When the Elite 2 came out we asked the same question, apart from what already said it seems they reduced the tendency to spark, although many didnt see the sparks on the Powerport2 and some seen sparks on the Elite 2.

I have both and I’d say they are identical apart from cosmetic external differences as described.


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I’ve seen that the prices for the power port 2 are 3 dollars more then the seemingly better elite. Why is that?

Which model are you comparing the Elite to?

PowerPort 2 (currently unavailable)


PowerPort II 2

If the latter, it is more expensive because it has a slightly revamped design, and is smaller and lighter.

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4 Powerport 2

The original:

The successor which was larger and meant to reduce sparks (which I never saw anyway)

The 3rd is the successor to the 2nd which was smaller than the original 1st one and much smaller than the 2nd one

WE then have a now a totally different product which is the Powerport II 2 which is for USB-PD and QC devices

If you have a modern high-end set of devices like Chromebook, larger tablet, a Quickcharge compatible phone, then consider the 4th link. Otherwise go for the 3rd link is it the smallest and the first 3 links are electrically identical all recharge the same performance so go for the smallest. If you do want to save a few $ and do not care for size then go whichever is cheaper of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd link.

Just stumped upon this post which told me exactly what I was looking for. Only thing is your 4th link is the same as the 3rd.

This is what the 4th link should have been: