Difference between "Powerline+" and "Premium" cables?

What is the the difference between these 2 identical Anker products on Amazon?



The only discernible differences between the 2 products are the slight changes in physical appearance and product names (one is called Anker Premium and the other is called Anker Powerline+). Other than that, they are virtually & functionally the same.

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PowerLine+ advertises 6000 bends, whereas the Premium Double-Braided Nylon advertise 5000 bends.

Odd, because Amazon advertises the Premium as the “newer model” when viewing the Powerline+. Why would the “newer model” have less advertised bends?

It is a newer model, but not the successor. PowerLine+ II is coming out soon.

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Powerline II PLUS advertises 30,000 Bends. It is made from like stronger material and the wires inside are better quality so you do not lose charge from having a longer cable and so it supports they’re charging system.

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Sight difference in look and quality :smirk::smirk:

The Premium Double-Braided Nylon cable is just an upgrade for the Nylon Braided USB Cable, so it’s hard to compare it with PowerLine+.They are a different series of products.:grin:

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