Difference between Powercore+ 26800mAh PD and Anker PowerCore+ 20100mAh PD

Hello everyone,

I am currently preparing myself for a 3 month vacation and looking for a proper powerbank for this time.
As I am having an iPhone with Fast Charging I really want to have one offering me Power Delivery.

Even after reading a lot of articles about the two powerbanks I still can’t figure out why the 20100mAh Powercore+ is more expensive than the 26800mAh. Am I missing something?

To me it looks like they both offer PowerDelivery for in and output? Meaning they should charge my phone super fast and also charge itself much faster than a normal powerbank, right? If this is the case can you help me to understand why the smaller version is more expensive?

Thanks for the clarification.

Regards Daniel

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Which site and what are the prices?

I’m looking at Amazon UK and the +20100mAh is just over 2/3 the price of the +26800mAh.

As for your observations about PD, yes both offer for in and output allowing for both faster charge and recharge, depending on your wall charger and phone.

Hello ndalby,

thanks for your quick reply.
I am looking on these two powerbanks:

26800mAh: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B06XQ19LWL/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=IYF1WIHWLTNWY&colid=1K3GYI8ISBAZH&psc=0

20100mAh: https://www.amazon.de/Anker-PowerCore-Powerbank-Kapazität-VoltageBoost-Schwarz/dp/B00M0EWED0/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1519208014&sr=8-9&keywords=powercore%2B

I think you meant PD, DP is something else entirely :thinking::joy:

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:joy: upsi, yes you are right, I mean PD of course.
So I suspect it is just a “weird” pricing in Germany at the moment, but the powerbanks are basically the same, just with different amount of capacity? If so I would just go for ordering the 26800…

I would say it’s likely a regional thing at the moment, perhaps due to stock. Often prices can bounce up and down at the introduction of a new product to a region and/or if stock levels come into play.

Correct me if I’m wtong, but isn’t the 26800 the only one that’s power delivery and the 2010 is merely usbc capable with voltage boost and power iq? Hence why it takes 8 hours to fully charge that over the larger battery pack which can be charged in 4 hours

Good call :smile:

Yes, the 26800 is PD where as the 20100 is PowerIQ with voltage boost (3A with USB-C)…time for coffee :laughing:

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This morning I decided to pick the 26800, so it seems like it was a good choice? :slight_smile:


Notice that the 26800 is sold by AnkerDirect DE whereas the 20100 is sold by AnkerDirect UK, so it’s actually imported from the UK and costs more because of an extra layer of duties.