Difference between Portport, Powerport+, Powerport II, Powerport Elite


What are the differences between the various types of Anker Wall Charger?
Portport, Powerport+, Powerport II, Powerport Elite

I assume the + or II are newer ones.

I am looking at purchasing either a 5-port or 6-port wall charger (at least 1 quick charge), and see a few listed in Amazon. Which model is the newest one to consider?


PS: I have to say it’s not an easy job trying to purchase an Anker product (wall charger/portable charger) as there are so many different varieties/models and it’s not easy to tell the differences.


Probably PowerPort Speed (you didn’t even mention it :laughing:)

PowerPort Speed 4 ($27.99) has 1 QC port a 3 PIQ ports. It is a wall charger and plugs directly into the outlet.

Then, there are two variants of PowerPort Speed 5:
One with 1 QC port and 4 PIQ ports ($29.99)
One with 2 QC ports and 3 PIQ ports ($35.99)
Keep in mind, these are desktop chargers, not wall chargers, which means they don’t directly plug into the outlet, but rather have an extension cable.

We’ve all been singing the same song for quite some time on the Community. I suspect it turns a lot of people away, which is really too bad because they’re missing out on Anker’s quality and customer support.


Totally agree with this, I have to resort to looking up release dates to get the most up to date stuff. Thats something most people aren’t willing to do. This can also drive people to buying things from competitors. Anker really should dress this or make a guide or something.


Thanks for the info. I purchased this 5-port wall charger:
One with 2 QC ports and 3 PIQ ports ($35.99)