Difference Between Aukey and Anker USB A to USB C Cables

What is the primary difference between the cables and the price point? According to the website specs between them, they seem the same overall. I mainly use the power bricks from Anker, but what is the difference in terms of cabling?

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You need to be more specific, both Anker and Aukey are selling various types of cables. The prices are both competitive. The differences are in the range of $1-5. The choice is on the users. Anker seems to be more open about their cable information than Aukey, IMO.

Well, my personal preference has been always with Anker. Their products (especially the cables) are top-notch. But it is your choice in the end.

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I have used both cable brands and I will say that even after a week of using them the Aukey stopped charging my phone unless I held it a certain way, and the Anker is still going strong some 6 months later. You get what you choose and buy what you want, but in the end quality will always be the winner and for me that’s Anker. Also their customer service is top notch as is their easy warranty claims

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I didnt know if I could post links to amazon on the site so the comparison was between the following:

AUKEY USB C Cable 3.0 Braided, [5 Pack, 3ft x3 6ft 1ft] USB Type C Cable Fast Charge:

Anker PowerLine USB-C to USB 3.0 Cables (5-Pack: 4-inch, 3ft, and 6ft) for USB Type-C Devices:

Updated Post bc of Anker response to add links

You could post links here, many people will help you to compare.:grin:

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