Difference between Anker PowerCore+ 20100, USB-C/Type-C and Anker PowerCore 20100 - Ultra High Capacity

I have a windows phone with a usb c charge port. and I am trying to see the difference between the two chargers in the subject line. Anker PowerCore+ 20100, USB-C/Type-C and Anker PowerCore 20100 - Ultra High Capacity. I could just get a cable for the latter and it be cheaper.

Powercore 20100 is input 2A, output 2 ports of 2.4A max each.

Powercore+ 20100 is 2.4A input so that’s why you’d see “recharge 20% faster” type comments (although math is .4/2.4 = 17% not 20%), output is 3A max out of the USB-C port (2.4A max the others), so if you connected a device capable of ingest at 3A, it would see a (.6/2.4) 25% faster recharge time.

So what you’re basically paying for is a bit more speed.

Now then, the newer Powercore II takes these faster input/output and ups them further, with 4A input, and 3A max output per port and 6A output total max. So the Powercore II will recharge itself even faster, and charge other items faster (if they’re capable).

So you’re basically paying for speed.

If speed isn’t your issue, but cost is, then pick which is cheapest.

Speed of recharging your devices is impacted by what you’re doing with that device. Thermal throttleing means a device being used will slow its recharge as the heat of recharge competes with heat of use, so phone recharge times are better if you’re not using the phone. Likely the only phone not like that is say the OnePlus3 but it has proprietary charging tech not supported by Anker.

So if you’re intending to connect Powercore to recharge a device while you use the device, then you’re going to get much less benefit from faster Powercore. If you’re going to just plug in recharge without using the phone, then faster helps, but if you’re away from mains power, say, camping and intend to recharge overnight, then even slower older tech will recharge by time you wake anyway.

Personally, I prefer the Powercore 10000 , 2A input, 2A output, and if need more stored power then carry 2 of them, they were in a $18 sale a couple of weeks ago, then you recharge them in parallel off a Powerport2 upwards. It is substantially less likely two batteries fail and 1 bigger battery fails.