Diff between 7-Port Hub with 1 BC port vs. 60W 7-Port Data Hub with 3 Smart Charging Ports

I am trying to determine what the differences are between these two USB hubs.

Obviously one of them has more charging ports but specifically are the charging ports the same?

The one with only 1 charging port describes it as BC 1.2
BC 1.2 Hub

The one with 3 charging ports describes them as PowerIQ
PowerIQ Hub

Can someone please explain if these are the same thing or if there is an advantage to one or the other?

I am also interested in any other differences between these two hubs that I am not seeing.

Thank You

Link to both please.

post updated with links to the two products mentioned

Hi @PowerFull,
Thanks for providing the links.

It looks like the first one has 7 ports for data, where one of those 7 ports can be used for charging as well. I believe the BC 1.2 spec is 1.5 amps max for the charging port, so it won’t quite charge an iPad at full speed.

The second one has 10 ports:

  • 7 ports are for data, but no charging (well, your device might receive a small charge from these ports)
  • 3 are for charging, but no data. Each charging port can provide 2.1 amps (max) at the same time, so these 3 ports are essentially the same.

@TechnicallyWell So would this be true then?

The smaller Hubs Charging port which can Charge via a power adapter for higher 2 amp speeds with all USB-enabled devices when hub is disconnected from an active USB port, or your computer is off or in sleep mode.

But the Larger Hub can do this same thing but does not require it to be disconnected from an active USB port or for the computer to be off or in sleep mode?

Sorry, I don’t have first hand experience with these hubs. However, looking at the Amazon listing, it looks like the first one was updated and can divide 6 amps among the 7 ports, with the 7th port dedicated to 2 amp charging.

I believe that as long as either hub is connected to power, it should be able to provide it’s stated charging capabilities whether connected to a computer or not.

Feel free to reach out to support@anker.com to confirm the charging specs.

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