Didn’t see this posted either...😆

Damn I don’t need any of those, and have one, but I want to buy another. Lol.

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Chris, no offence buddy but a lot of your posts lately have little to no relevance about them.

And as Neil stated yesterday with such little detail in them this could look like that you’re farming for points.


This is the Deals section…I don’t get it, I found a deal, people post them all the time. Do I need to write a summary along with the link? It’s just to get people’s attention, especially those looking to buy, in this case, a Bluetooth speaker. I couldn’t care less about points.

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I agree with you. You’re just posting deals. I love seeing the deals, because I don’t like to buy stiff full price. Pints don’t really do anything for you. It just shows how active or inactive you are. There isn’t any reason to point farm.

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My point is that if you had searched properly you would of seen that @joshuad11 posted about this 19 hours ago here… :wink:


I typed in the name of the deal on amazon in the search bar and nothing came up. There is or was a lightening deal on the S1 dashcam for $60. I didn’t post that because…

Hey @Chris_Renshaw! While we do appreciate that you’re sharing the Anker deals with the community, it would help to include a little more info in the post. For example, if I were to search for “speaker deals” in the forum, your post wouldn’t come up because there’s no deets as to what the deal actually is. :wink:
Just a suggestion for next time… and thanks again for sharing the deals!


I really don’t mind seeing this threads. Maybe he’s trying to help people out with the deals. But that’s just my opinion. Cheers :+1:


Thanks. Yea I am just trying to help people get the best deals. And sometimes they are on a time limit. Would it be nice if I had time to search the site to see if it was already posted, yea of course, but I don’t. Also, on this one I did search and nothing came up. So I posted. Again, points mean nothing to me, getting the best deal and helping out you guys does.

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I do appreciate the work @Chris_Renshaw is putting in. It is always good to save a couple of dollars, especially when you’ve been eye-balling some Anker tech stuff!


Ban him :joy: :joy: (Jokes :wink: )


I agree while posting deals are strongly encouraged we don’t need multiple threads of the sesame post do a quick search and then move on

Yes. As I said I DID a search. Stuff came up, but not that deal. Again it was a lightening deal, meaning limited time and quantity. So I posted it quick after not seeing it in search. If this is gonna be an issue. I’ll just not post anymore.

This is one of those, “I’ll take my ball and go home and play by myself” statements. No need to be dramatic. Stuff happens, keep searching and keep posting when it’s appropriate. No need to get worked up.

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No I mean like everytime I post something lately I get a comment that for some reason or other I shouldn’t have posted, aka re-post or something. So, when it comes to deals and stuff like that, NOT questions I have or answers to other’s questions, I just won’t do it because it seems like someone has always already done it, although some of the newer user still find things on this Forum by going to “Latest” or “Unread” because the search bar really is a shot in the dark unless you have something really specific in mind. Unless you feel differently…I mean I get pissed at the comments so why not save myself the trouble? No?

Latest or New is the best place to look for limited time deals like the one you posted. If it’s been posted, it’ll likely be there, something as time sensitive as that.

In other situations, there’s no other way but to search.

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See that’s the thing before Elmo pointed out that I should use search I always did those 2 topics, yet somehow still ended up posting something that was already up. What this Community need are a chat room, where idiots like me can say random one line comments at any time without having to make a Thread unnecessarily

Don’t get discouraged. Make a thread, if it gets locked or they removed it then so be it. At least you tried man :+1:

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Cool, well I do have a lot of reviews I have to finish, Vortex, Surge, 10000PD, I got that dash cam during the deal, normally $90, deal was for $65 that should be delivered today and a 30w PD and USB car charger, which did get delivered today. So yea, some I just finished testing, my time until I post a review here, unless otherwise stated, is a month. I like to really put the stuff to the test and I feel like the norm of 2 weeks isn’t enough. If it would still be relevant I would wait 6 months, that’s when you really find out if you wasted your money or not. I feel like any quality product you spend money on should last 2 years…ish, without fault to be given high marks, that’s just me.

I’d like to see the review on the 30w PD and USB car charger. Which one do you have?