Did you know Eufy Genie AirPlays?!

I’ve had one for over a year and I didn’t! I just noticed it in my list of available outputs from my mac:

Now, the Genie’s speakers are not better than really any mac, BUT you could plug that genie into a larger stereo system and airplay to it! How cool!


That’s a good to know feature! Hope Apple / Amazon don’t cripple this feature with a new update.

This feature came out earlier this year, I been using it to cast music as you said to a .uch larger speaker system. I have surround sound set up in the garage for when im working on the cars and since its further from everything I use the genie to cast music to it

I have seen them cripple so many good products in this area on purpose. Maybe one day they will realize playing nicely with other companies on airplay compatibility is good for them.

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Yeah that’s the way to go with the genie. My kids have theirs set up in their playroom and the speaker is adequate for them, but if I were using it when I had guests over or something I would plug it into a larger higher quality system.

I had no idea. Good catch :thumbsup:

i didnt know this. thanks for sharing!

Actually, the feature has been there since the Genie launched! :wink: It hasn’t been crippled yet!

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This is awesome! Never knew much of anything non-apple airplaned.

no i did not know that but cool fact to know and makes the product even bettter