Did you guys join the live stream today? - AUG 28 2020, 8PM EST

Love the live stream! My idea was presented today !!! I’m happy :smiley:

What idea did you guys like the most from today’s live stream?

Thanks @AnkerOfficial


Congratulations @Momo_Bobo :clap: :clap: :clap:

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@Shenoy someone said this isn’t new and existed in 2013? Ehh but i didn’t know… got this idea from PhoneBlocks :wink:

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I remember seeing it on chat… But this was first time i saw!

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my flashlight was chosen, super happy about that


I like how the solar panel rolls out and inside of the flash light, nice one!

Thanks, I’m glad they were able to take my idea and knew exactly how I wanted it.

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Totally forgot about the OP by Anker, I will delete this one

The modular product idea does come up from time to time, yes, but does not mean it should not be raised again and looked afresh, as it’s an idea which can solve the “too much, too little, just right” challenge.

The two main drawbacks with the idea:

  • the reliability of the inter-bank connectors.
  • the heat in whatever is in the middle.

The reliability is what kills the idea. If you can think of ways to solve the reliability, then one step closer.

From an electrical perspective, if you run each plane of the stack in serial, then one one item failure then fails the whole stack, if you run them in parallel, then any failed unit then becomes a resistor, makes heat, becomes a fire risk.

That is historically why this has yet to make to a product which sells well.

That does not mean bad idea, just means need some more creativity on the design.

At least yours got a schematic. Better than mine. Sob.

To be honest, I expected your idea to be chosen! I’m quite surprised you were not on the list :frowning: I’m sure there will be more chances next time in different events! Looking forward to seeing your name!

Yes I agree with your points, I hope battery technology advances Further in our life time so this modular thing would not even be needed, but it’s just an idea I brainstormed… in my dreams this will work without any drawbacks! :slight_smile:

The modular idea is highly successful - it is the smartphone!

If you go back far enough, what was is now in the smartphone were separate components. We used to buy them separate, there was even a dumbphone with a data modem card.

To solve the reliability aspect, the manufactures put them all in one case - and so was born the smartphone - and all the modular choices of with / without - became why so many smartphone designs. The connector reliability issue was solved by being ribbon connectors within the case of the smartphone. You then had “SE” and “pro” phone versions which connected different cameras, cpus, etc.

I believe when I purchased the Lg G4 in the past, Motorola or some company came up with a smartphone that advertised swappable battery, and a camera module too! I don’t think that lasted too long… my lg g4 came with a rechargeable lithium battery case and a spare battery which was pretty neat a a time… I think they sold it together as part of their ‘promotion’…

Yeah before the battery contacts were connected via springy prongs, now it’s through an actual cable, when I used to use android, I would remove the battery when the phone freezes up, but I believe now (even on iPhone) there is a combination of volume keys and power keys you can press… to reset phone if it ever freezes… I still prefer the removal of the battery, feels more satisfying…

Ahh yes, sigh. The phone replaceable battery. You could carry a 2nd spare and get days of power in not much space. They then glued who bloody thing tight shut and so was born today’s need for USB cables and fast chargers and such nonsense.

A snap-on case cover has a lot of merits. Not very waterproof.

True, but I like the idea of replacing the battery easily, once I reach enough charge cycles, by myself, I think the first replaceable lithium battery for my phone was by Anker… it was nice… now I have to pay someone to pry open my phone to replace the battery, by that someone, it’s probably going to be Apple, because they released software that states “the battery is incompatible” even if it’s a OEM battery… looks like they run some code to diplay that warning msg to deter repair shops/customer trust… i wouldn’t be surprised if one day Apple just out right prevents anything from being fixed inside the phone. Their software would just reject everything even if the part came from another phone of the same model…

We’re agreeing.

Glueing the whole unit shut causes issues.

But it was invented to make a more reliable product.

So if you can solve the modularity reliability problem. Billionaire!

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Congrats @Momo_Bobo and @Tank

I was having Funtime with unreliable mobile, so had to catch all the good ideas on the replay.

Sad too that professor only got his idea read out…

I wonder if this becomes a more frequent thing?



Thanks Snarky, I had to do a replay too! Was not expecting to be chosen and I’m surprised there were only 50 something submissions.

Really wished he went through more ideas!

Me too, but maybe they are keeping them for the next one.

Pretty good idea to run this, gets some fresh ideas and generates a lot of interest within the community

‘Grats again.