Did you ever use Nebula capsule for business presentation?

The Nebula capsule looks cool! I’m thinking to get one for business presentation but wonder if it works well.
Did anyone try it before?

No the need never arose, I always had a LCD screen, projector or just my laptop screen as sufficient.

The brightness of capsule is so dim you need a small close surface it’s not far off just a larger laptop screen you already have for business.

My solution to travel very light is I tether my phone over WiFi to a Chromecast and cast my phone screen and use a Powercore to power the cast and connect to LCD screen. Cheap, portable.

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I think the nebula capsule would work as a last resort, but I don’t think it would make a good first choice.

Have not used projectors for a long time, Most business meetings happen over WebEx or Zoom and these are SIP calls dialed from Cisco Codecs such as SX80 or MX800, presentations are shared as content over the call.

For townhalls or all hands meetings, there are ceiling mount projectors,

Personally feel Nebula series might be positioned for personal usage than business purposes…

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If you are going to be in a relativity dark room (or with control over darkness) you could probably get away with it…if you often have a level of natural or ambient light then results wouldn’t be as good due to the low lumens…unlike a fixed projector at 3500+ for example…