Did y'all receive your forum contributor rewards?

It said on the post that the gift bundles should arrive by 12/14 but they aren’t here yet. I did receive a email from Amazon fulfillment a few weeks back though.

Yes about 2 weeks ago. Im in the US if that helps any.

I’m in the USA too…

What was the forum contributor giveaway?

The points win prizes thing that happened like a month ago

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Yeah I got my speaker and portable charger already. They are awesome!

I did get my Points For Prizes bundle about 2 weeks ago. Shipping was pretty fast for me, it came within 2-3 days of getting the email saying it shipped. If it hasn’t come in the projected time that was given then I would contact Anker to see what happened. It might just be slow shipping because of the holidays but better to be safe than sorry.

Anker sends you multiple emails, one is saying it is shipped and you won’t get a shipping notification. Then later you get a shipping notification anyway.

I won the $140 bundle, it delivered weeks ago, I got a Soundcore Nano in the daily offer thing I got it today, I got a free gift (for some reason) of a Powercore which they said wouldnt ship til mid-December earliest, waiting for an update.

How do I contact Anker about free orders?

Instructions in your email…

It should be in the email you got saying it shipped. But you just need to email support@anker.com telling them what happened. :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s late. You should have gotten that a long time ago. Most people got it within a week of winning.

My replacements turned up super quick after Amazon logistics lost the originals.

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