Did I just break this HDD? (IT guys help me Plz)

I stripped the screw holding this HDD in place and pulled too hard pulling up the little piece of connector metal (top left) can I fix this? I was not running raid 5 on this, so is it’s data lost?

Unless your connectors are destroyed it can still be used. I have a few he’d that do not have any surrounding plastic that still work fine

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so long as you not punctured the vacuum inside then it is quite likely still working.

Be gentle in pushing in the connector from the photo it looks a little bent and so might catch and be bent in by connector. Bright torch and magnifying glass.

Of course anything above Raid 0 will protect from drive failure. Personally I use mirroring to a separate server to cover both drive and bigger failure types (I run Linux and rsync)


The drive should still work but as @nigelhealy and @elmo41683 have mentioned be careful when reconnecting as you’ve compromised some of the support for the cable connector itself.

Could be a good opportunity to switch to an SSD drive (if it’s not a crazy size), as the speed boost and reliability are noticeable.