Did Anker discontinue their pocket bluetooth speaker? (A7910)

I bought within the last few years a “Bluetooth Speaker, Ultra Portable Pocket Size Wireless Speaker” from Amazon. It has fantastic sound and can even last up to 12 hours long which is great. I’ve recently started taking it with me wherever I go (including work) and people have begun asking where they can get one too. The only problem is that Amazon, Walmart and even Ebay don’t have this product listed anywhere? And if by chance I do find a smaller retailer who has a store page for it, it is either Out of Stock or Sold Out. I have found them listed for sale in foreign countries like Malaysia but no where local. I tried Googling my questions but have so far come up with no answers as to what has happened to this product. I would love to buy some more but can’t find them. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

TL;DR: Has Anker stopped producing their small Black or White colored Ultra Portable A7910 model pocket speakers? Or is it just no longer available to the American Market? Because Anker’s UK Amazon store page is still selling them; they only have 2 though and their selling them for £8,999.00 each which is insane! I don’t know what made their price skyrocket to the price of used cars but you can take a look if you fancy. Here’s the Amazon store page.


Perhaps @AnkerOfficial can confirm but I can’t say I’ve seen this listed for quite a long time and while products do often go out of stock, they normally return within a month or so…I would say it’s most likely been discontinued in favour of the newer models already in the range and those due to come;


Yes, we decided to discontinue this product because we have more advanced new products coming out.

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Why would you DISCONTINUE it when you don’t have a same size replacement option. The A7910 is by far my most used and most favorite item. The battery on both of mine are failing, but it’s been a couple years since I’ve bought them. I want something similar in size, and those Round ones are horrible. This is one product you should maintain as a Staple item. Do you have any left in the warehouse, because I want a couple more.

Do you mean this product?


huh, never seen this before.

Yes @AnkerOfficial you should know your product. Mini speaker a7910 is an amazing portable speaker, a best buy and unique in his category. I have 2 of them and I bring with me everywhere… All my friends are blaming they couldn’t buy, u should resell it because it is perfect, or at least provide an update model in the same size and category…

Wait for your response @AnkerOfficial

Thank you


Hi @Andrea_Stagno,

I’m glad to hear that you and your friends love that mini speaker. Unfortunately, this speaker has been discontinued. We may produce some mini speakers in the future.

You could keep an eye on our audio website. There are already a lot of great speaker products out there.:blush: