Diagnostic on Anker batteries?

I just read about the incoming Battery Diagnostics feature in the next iOS. It’s nice to be able to check your battery on your on.

So, a question for you technical geeks - and also to @AnkerTechnical, of course: would this kind of diagnostic be possible to perform on Anker batteries through an app once the battery is connected? There would need to be some sort of data transfer along with power, and a chip in the battery to perform the diagnostic, right?


It would be nice to have. I think anker had the data inside the battery, but there wasn’t any standard to pull those out. It might require a software on PC/Mac to read it also.


Great question. I’ve got the iOS 11.3 beta and it doesn’t tell me much. I’ve had this iPhone 7 Plus since 19/09/16 and this is what mine says

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Interesting idea but based on the uptake of USB-C on the PowerCores this sort of feature could be way down the road…



Intriquing idea.

So on my phone I’m always puzzled if my battery is aging or if the apps are getting hungrier. So a similar question with Powercore, is it aging or is the device I’m connecting to it just getting greedier.

Having an app to tell me how the Powercore is doing would be helpful.

Currently I use a USB meter which measures the mah in and out to infer. I used it last on my older 10000 and inferred it was aging and justified buying a new 10000, but most of the time it is “enough” to replace after 18 months to 2 years.


My Linux system tells me that the battery of my old laptop has only 30% of the possible capacity and it seems to be old or broken! :sweat:


Thats beyond disappointing that their diagnostic is so terrible. Android has a great one if you uae the secret prompt.

How did you access that? Was it with an ADB command? I’ve just been using accubattery, but I don’t know if I trust it.

Go to your phone app and type ##4636##
And go to battery stats…not every phone can access this menu so if you enter the button combination and nothing happens try 1 more time and if still same thing then it won’t work

Looks like it doesn’t work on my S8 - not sure if that’s due to Verizon or Samsung’s meddling (though I’m inclined to blame Verizon).

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Yea that would be verizon fault, as most samsung phones that are not bootlocked by verizon can use this code. I should have mentioned that, sorry.
If you have had your phone for a year or been with verizon for a long time you can request the code to unlock your phone, then all android hidden key sequences will work

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if you google hidden menus for android the s8 may have a different code than my g4 uses. The OS’ are different and i know they make code changes here and there.

Verizon locked down the hidden sub menus for android phones so most if not all of them won’t work until it’s unlocked from verizon network

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