Devices bought for a certain feature/purpose that you no longer use

When Apple first released force touch (3D touch) just over 2 years ago the reaction was almost like they had re-invented the wheel, even though to me it was a glorified right click. I used it this morning, more by accident than anything else and it got me thinking how many people might have bought the iPhone 6s just for this feature (based on Macrumors at the time, there were quite a few lining up).

So, what devices have you bought in the past for a feature(s) plugged at launch only to rarely use it, if at all?

I definitely bought my iPad mini to hand write notes on and digital store them, as I guess a lot of people did because they bought out a £100 Pencil! Now I don’t have to write notes anymore I never use it!

This might sound mad but I rarely watch my TV anymore, the majority of the content I watch is through my Macbook Air.

Right now, our Doxie scanner. It’s a cool little unit, but we’ve used it about twice.




Nope. Nothing.

I have a USB Apple Superdrive and since the El Capitan upgrade, I haven’t been able to watch DVD’s on it. It plays CD’s fine. It’s not that I didn’t chose to use it, it’s just Apple decided to make it unusable!

If anyone knows a way of correcting this issue, which Apple appear unable or even unwilling to correct, I’d be very grateful, as many people on here have genuine technical know how, which I don’t possess.


Posting this message renewed my determination to hold Apple to account for this issue. After 90 minutes on the phone to Technical Support, various attempts to explain away the problem including downloading third party apps to resolve an Apple based issue (to no avail) the issue that has been annoying me for over two years has been resolved. Amazing. I can now view DVD’s again.

I also purchased a scanner to “go paperless”. But now that everything is scanned, I rarely use it.

I’ve just got so much to scan I don’t know where to start, haha.

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