Desktop software

Hi any news on desktop software?

Will the desktop software also be able to read the SD card?

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If you mean directly from the SD card and not through the Homebase I’m guessing no.

Can’t see why not, they can obscure the decryption key in the software, to use the software you will need to be logged in, can incorporate in the software that nothing works without devices added so only owners can decrypt the SD card

As there has been no mention of the software I think it’s another item from the Kickstarter campaign they have decided to ditch

Considering they keep saying that the SD card is actually full and stores much more video then phones show we really need the computer software to be able to see all of the available videos

Yes of course it is possible but not very likely based on all the programming (if you can call it that) I have seen coming from Anker. The eufy cams are a mess. It’s very apparent that they have gotten in over their heads. This problem could be very easily solved by simply hiring competent programmers.


Tbh not looked at any of their code
Do you mind if I ask what code you saw?
App, webportal, firmware etc?

I haven’t seen anything for pc or Mac yet

I wasn’t talking about the actual code just the end results. It seems like they do very little testing before release. Just look at the Google home integration released with the latest firmware update doesn’t seem like any Apple devices are functioning with Google Home, seems like a huge oversight.

Just to clarify I don’t actually own any Eufy cams. I would be interested if they actually performed well and didn’t have abysmal range. I think Anker is a great company with great products but imho the eufy cams have done serious damage to the brand name.


I’d agree with you there, after this I wouldn’t be buying Eufy again & Anker I’ll stick to their chargers & cables

Idk about not buying eufy anymore their light bulbs smart plugs scales and robovacs work great but I wouldn’t buy anything Eufy that involves complicated coding until their track record vastly improves.

FWIW, I have a Kickstarter 2-camera eufyCam system with an add-on eufyCam E. For all its faults, it actually does a lot of things very well. I have a ~2400sf 2-story house, so the range has not been a killer for me. I monitor the front door, the garage, and the back porch. All the cameras capture enough clips to give me the impression I am not missing anything (and I am not aware of any times when I know a clip should have been captured that was not). The video quality is very good. The 2-way talk is passable (I use it with the wife and kids every once in a while). The fact that it is cordless and without monthly fee is awesome. And unlike nearly every other camera system, not every clip goes to the cloud for processing.

So yeah, the range is lackluster, the web interface is crap, the AI almost never identifies my known faces correctly, and we are still missing some promised features… but I still have a very workable DIY home video monitoring system that I’m pretty happy with overall.

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These things are doing enough damage to the entire system. And the thing is eufy can easily fix these and deliver features as promised without spending much time or efforts. But I don’t see what they see, so refrain commenting further.
Overall, it would have been handled in a better way and you would have got highest customer satisfaction ever and be the leader in the industry with a wire-free 365 day security camera with AI integration.

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I doubt it too… It’s might be an app for the desktop similar to android and IOS app.
I will be happy if it is at least as good as a phone app.

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I see your point. Promising and not delivering–or, maybe worse, under delivering–is not the ideal brand development strategy.

I was just trying to make the case that there are disappointments to be found in any system, and the balance of features the eufyCam system offers are, on the whole, working well for me personally.


May be customers have high expectations from Anker/Eufy.

Hello! @Haloweenhamster Sincerely apologize for all disappointment caused by the desktop software! We’ve forwarded your concern to our engineer team and they will further consider its availability and try their best to introduce it in the future!

Any update?

Current situation?
Is it;
No longer being developed
Currently in development
Developed & being tested

Any rough ETA?

I expected 3 months after production for promises to be fulfilled, it’s now 12 months since you started production
Considering how well funded the campaign was I thinking the amount missing / not to spec is disgraceful

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Hope this “Desktop Software” when comes, will mimic what App does now. so that I can view and download the videos without subscribing to cloud service.