Desk charger - Controlled charging

Dear all,

I am worried about keeping the battery of my electronic devices in a good condition as long as possible.

I have read that a good idea to do so, is to avoid keeping the phone under charge for the whole night, as it keeps feeding power into the battery, which is already full. A smart charger could stop once the battery is charged. Even better it could manage the power supply in order create a slow flow of energy which lasts the whole night.

Is there any desk charger or any charger at all which is capable of doing so? It would very convenient as I could leave the phone connected to the charger for the whole night and forget about it, without having to worry about decreasing battery life.

Thank you.


Anker chargers already include Over-charge protection as part of its MultiProtect suite of safety.

Anker includes below set of protection

  • Input High-Voltage Protection
  • Output High-Voltage Protection
  • Input Current Regulation
  • Output Current Regulation
  • Automatic Current Matching
  • Input Short-Circuit Protection
  • Output Short-Circuit Protection
  • Static Resistance
  • Device Overcharge Protection
  • Battery Overdischarge Protection
  • Output Temperature Control

You can read more here.

Anker Wireless charging provides for Overcharging protection (you can read more here)

Also, if you are using iPhone / iOS device, iOS 13 has Optimized Battery Charging, where it learns your phone charging routine and waits to finish charging past 80% until you need to use it.

Some of Anker’s Desktop Chargers:

PowerPort 6

PowerPort 10

PowerPort Speed 5

PowerPort 5


Thanks for the amazingly detailed reply @Shenoy! That’s super helpful.
If you have an Android phone: One thing that I’ve rigged up is using a smart outlet that automatically kills power to the charger when my phone hits ~90% charge. It takes a few minutes work, a smart outlet, and the Tasker app, but it’s totally worth it. If you’re interested, let me know and I can send you the directions.

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Sound interesting… If I am reading it right, the Tasker App triggers the Smart Plug via IFTTT or an API to power off once it detects the Android phone is charged 100%, correct?

Essentially. It utilizes IFTTT as well; I can’t remember the exact steps off the top of my head, but I’ll see if I can find the full list of instructions again. You can have Tasker trigger your phone to send a text message that say something like “#charged”, and then have a separate task that turns off the smart plug when it receives the “#charged” message.

sounds good!! thanks for the insight on Android, hopefully, with iOS 13 and Shortcuts app (which now includes automation and home automation) should be able to achieve the same!

Sure! Shoot, you may be able to use IFTTT across the board to get it to work on iOS. Here are the directions for Android, but Tasker doesn’t have an iOS app. Interested to hear what changes with iOS 13!

Dear all,

thank you very much for the answers.

I am still a bit uncertain though. Why apsavarese would figure out such an igenious way to control charge if there was no need?

Also by reading the post (#38) about wireless charging it seems that some power is still fed into the battery while at 100%. So what it is the meaning of “Device Overcharge Protection”?

Thnaks a lot!


Ingenious? Oh my! :slight_smile: Just a Google search. You have to remember that IFTTT and Tasker are all essentially crowd-sourced, so user creations are limitless. Just because someone cooked up a way to trigger their charger to turn off doesn’t mean that its strictly “necessary” to do so. Does that make sense?

It’s protection against overcharging a device

Oh this is great to know! My boyfriend was actually the one who noticed my battery life was not as it should be. I used to charge my phone overnight and I’m not sure if the charger that came with the phone has the same features as the Anker chargers. I also tend to charge my phone while I’m driving and I hear that that is also not good for phones.

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