Dell XPS13 and Anker PD Media Hub (A8380) Passthrough charging

I have a Dell XPS13 which came with a 45W USB C charger. I purchased the Anker A8380 Media hub as it showed it can do pass through charging up to 65W. However, when I try to use pass through charging - the computer sees only 30W coming through and complains about low power charger. Any ideas if this can be fixed or does the pass through only work for macs?

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I believe that adapter CAN pass through a certain amount of power, but it also USES a certain amount of power.

So if the source can supply 45W, and the hub uses 15W, that only leaves 30W to pass through to your computer.

If you got an 80W source, then the hub should be able to use 15W, and than pass through 65W.

I think you just need a more capable power supply to power both the hub and the computer. From your description, 60W would work - 45W to your laptop, 15W to the hub.


The hub uses 15W of power if it can (and so does the 12-in-1 dock) and passes the rest through to your computer. And 45 - 15 = 30, so your hub is working great.