Delivery issue

I ordered the quick charge 3,0 power core speeed with the quick charge 3.0 usb wall adapter for the UK around 10-12 days ago roughly and i have not receieved my items. They were expected 4 days ago and i am getting really impatient not only that but i realised that anker does not state if the quick charge compatibility is for charging the power bank or not i was thinking i would get a fast charging power bank but no (i have an iPhone) it only charges supported devices quicker
I only chose the wall adapter as i thought it could charge my powerbank faster which it does not
and the fact that amazon does ntot have a syhstem in place to report non delivered items is beyond me
i have a doubt that someone somewhere is hiding something or my delivery was stolen or something during transit

Did your order come with a tracking number? If so you should be able to see where it is in terms of delivery. It might be slightly delayed because its nearing the holidays. And depending on when you might have ordered it it might not have shipped until recently.

@zahid.shabir, Breathe, I don’t think everyone is out to get you. if you do not get the item then make a claim through Amazon, it’s happened to me before with a different seller and there was no issue getting refunded through Amazon but at least wait till Monday as they likely do not ship on weekends. If you do get your item and it doesn’t work for your needs return it…Problem solved,exhale.

yep i did have a tracking number i have bought cables from anker before and i have had a good experience before this from anker but this is unusual from anyone i have never had issues like this before i have had 2 days late delivery but that item was shipping from another country but this powerbank was apparentally handed over to the courier on 28th november and the location is like 4 hours or less (i think) as a place not far from there i have family members maybe 1 hour from their house but that should have been delivered i ordered it before the 28th it was handed by anker to the courier on that day

+bobbleheadman i can’t as i did not see a thing regarding complaining for items not being delivered only faulty/broken items or missed delivery date as well as unwanted or accidentally ordered items are available as an option to return or refund or missingf accessories there is no “OTHER” option either so
also i bought a mouse mat and keyboard from corsair on black friday sale and they arrived earlier than expected i was supposed to expect the mouse mat yesterday it has been in my possession for like 4 days now and the keyboard has been with me for 6 days and they were expected later than this delivery

That’s very strange. I would give it another 3 days & if it still hasn’t been delivered at least a week over what it was projected to be then I would contact the courier if you can. Or if not, then contact Anker to see if they can find out what the hold up is.

there is not much courier info i have the city location where it was handed to the courier and their name i just checked on their website they have a tracking system but it just shows my order time and date not a map or something useful

and if anyone did not get what i wrote i will say it again I AM doing a refund regardless as i do not need QC3.0 i may get the powercore 26800 instead

Hi zahid.shabir, when there’re delivery problems, please feel free to send an email with your order number to Anker support team ( They will assist you to solve this issue.

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