Delay / lag with Anker Flare connected by Aux-in

Is there a solution to fix the delay from the Anker Flare when connected by an aux-in cable?

The speaker is connected to a drumkit and produces to much delay for a clean user experience. I earlier used an Ultimate Ears Wonderboom as an experiment and this didn’t have this issue :thinking:

I already updated the firmware without any luck.


Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the Flare. Email for support. They’ll troubleshoot with you. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’ve contacted them

The auxiliary cable input will give you the minimum amount of delay and is your best bet until possible firmware updates that improve delay.

Have you tried using a shorter cable?

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Can you change output settings on the drum kit?

It maybe needs to make a small adjustment. However if you can’t change anything, then it’s good job you made the contact.

It’s unusual for direct aux to have a delay. Have you checked with a different lead, and checked the connections (the actual sockets) for any damage (best done with a small led torch).

was this problem solved? I have the exact same problem now. thanks