Defective Charger from Aliexpress - no replacment product avilable

I bought an USB-c charger on the 11.11 Aliexpress sale, and it’s arrived with bent plug prong.
In Aliexpress messenger I offered 20% refund, then 90% and finally 100% by @AnkerSupport mail.
Right now the charger is much more expensive, so I can’t buy a new one using the refund.

Why it’s impossible to send replacement product?
Does it’s also means there is no warranty services for Aliexpress purchase?

Is it possible to “bend” it a little bit?
All will be fine after.

Aliexpress has their own warranty process which generally is a return of the product and refund or partial refund. Aliexpress does not allow for replacement products to be shipped out, this is aliexpress warranty and all vendors who sell on that site has to abide by it in order to continue selling on that platform.

Yes if brought from amazon Anker would offer full warranty and exchange, but since its purchased from aliexpress they have to abide by their rules

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