Defective A2764 Power Strip USB Charger

I have always loved Anker Products and Service. Bought this A2764 power strip about 22 months ago. Now the USB ports will not charge. Anker does not want to replace it because the warranty is 18 months.

This has me thinking my trust in Anker is unfounded. I have so many Anker Products I could never count them all,. Not to mention all the Anker Products I have given to people as presents.

That Power Strip/Charger ruined a $150 JBL Link One because it let the battery fully discharge. I was forced to accept a refurbished unit from JBL. That pissed me off.

Sorry Anker but you have ruined my trust in your company.

Gutted and feel your pain as something similar happened to me out of warranty - slightly different product and different brand.
Ultimately, the warranty is what it is.
I would only hold it against the brand if lots of others reported problems with the same product. That would suggest an inferior product.
It was good of JBL to supply another unit, I hope that was a good refurb!

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Anker stopped production of the A2764 Power Strip shortly after it was introduced. They even removed it from the Anker website. Then it was reintroduced many months later, closer to a year than not.

Why was production Stopped?
Why does the light in the power switch always flicker?


Anker has decided to replace the defective power strip. This makes me so happy. After all the Anker gear I have purchased I am relieved that I can continue to purchase their products.

It wasn’t always the products that kept me coming back but the Quality of the Products and the Great Customer Service.

Asus and TP-Link have always had Products I liked but their terrible customer service prevents me from ever buying a product from either company.

Thanks Anker

Always a Pleasure

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Great result :+1:t2:

Another Update:

Now Anker has changed the agreement we had. They tried to send me a different model that I don’t want after agreeing to send a unit that is appropriate for my needs. I said “No” to the switch. And now they want the old unit back after telling me returning said unit was not necessary.

Anker Customer Service Isn’t what it used to be.

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There’s more up and downs to this story than in most TV soaps!

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Anker Quickly Replaced The old Power Strip With A Newer Model and All Is Well.

LMAO,. JBL sent a dud replacement so now they are sending a new unsealed Link 10 2nd Day Air.

All is well and once again,… A Big Thanks to Anker for stepping up to the plate when most companies would rather ignore customers and lose Brand Loyalty.

Thanks Much

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Bravo :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:
Glad you’re sorted and both manufactures played their part well in the end.